Biosensor and Bioelectronic Materials Symposium

The B & B Materials Symposium (BBMS) is organised by IAAM as part of the EAMC, AAMC and ASAMC. The aim of this symposium is to cover the latest advances in biosensors and bioelectronics and related sectors such as telecommunications, mobile & digital health expert systems and distributed diagnostics.

Topics of Symposium:

  • Biosensors - Manufacturing and Markets
  • Digital & Mobile Diagnostics and Tele-medicine
  • Enzyme biosensors and Immunosensors
  • Aptasensors, DNA chips and Nucleic acid Sensors
  • Bioelectronics, Biocomputing and Biofuel Cells
  • Lab-on-a-chip, Organism and Whole cell-based biosensors
  • Printed biosensors and Electronic noses

Listing of the B & B Materials Symposiums

 The European BBMS 2016 ( was a three-day international event organised during 23rd -25th August  2016, cruising on the Baltic Sea from Stockholm-Helsinki-Stockholm with the Viking Line Cruise Ship M/S Mariella. Around 150  abstracts were submitted in this conference from which only 55 were accepted. During the conference Prof. Genxi Li from Nanjing  University, China was awarded with Biosensors and Bioelectronics Award (BBA) for his outstanding achievement in the field of  biosensors and analytical biochemistry. 



The American BBMS 2016 ( was six-day international event in USA cruising from Miami  (USA) - Nassau (Bahamas) - Cozumel (Mexico) - Miami (USA) on the Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship "Navigator of the Seas". This symposium had provided an interdisciplinary symposium for researchers, engineers and educators to present and discuss the most recent trends and practical challenges encountered in the field of Biosensors and Bioelectronics.



 The Asian BBMS 2017 ( was six-day international event that held on the Diamond  Princess Cruise Ship cruising from Singapore - Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) - Penang (Malaysia) - Phuket (Thailand) - Singapore.