Graphene Forums

Global, American and Asian Graphene Forums are annually organised by IAAM at respective locations. The aim of the events are to cover the latest technology developments, applications, commercialization progress, end user requirements and challenges of Graphene and related 2D Materials. 

Topics of Forum:

  • Fundamentals of graphene and 2D materials
  • Growth, synthesis and integration methods
  • Composites – characterization and properties
  • Large scale production and characterization
    • Applications in the
    • Electronics/ flexible electronics
    • Energy: photovoltaics, energy storage, fuel cells & hydrogen storage
    • Photonics, spintronics and optoelectronics
    • Biomedical, sensors and environmental research
  • New technologies, commercialization and market

Listing of the Graphene Forums

Global Graphene Forum (GGF 2016, were a three-day international event organised by International Association of Advanced Materials, Linkoping University and VBRI Press AB during 23rd - 25th August 2016 on the Baltic Sea from Stockholm-Helsinki-Stockholm by  the Viking Line Cruise, M/S Mariella. This event was organised in parallel association with EAMC 2016. Around 150 abstracts were  submitted in this conference from which only 87 were accepted. During the conference Prof. Yanglong Hou, Peking University, China was awarded with Global Graphene Award (GGA) for his outstanding achievement in the field of Graphene Science &  Technology.



American Graphene Forum (AGF, was six-day international event organised by the International Association of Advanced  Materials (IAAM) with the collaboration of VBRI Press AB and Scrivener Publishing LLC, USA cruising from Miami (USA) - Nassau  (Bahamas) - Cozumel (Mexico) - Miami (USA) on the Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship "Navigator of the Seas".



Asian Graphene Forum (AGF, was six-day international event organized by the International Association of Advanced Materials with the collaboration of VBRI Press AB Sweden. Forum held on the Diamond Princess Cruise Ship cruising from Singapore - Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) - Penang (Malaysia) - Phuket (Thailand) - Singapore.