Organisational Chart

  • All countries and/or regions of materials scientists whose aims are to promote Advanced Materials Science and to further cooperation between materials scientists may become a member of association.

  • The representative officers shall be a President, a Secretary General, a Treasurer, Steering Committee members, and Consultation Board Members.

  • The President is in charge of the operations of the Secretariat, Steering Committee and Consultation Board, and presides over meetings of Steering Committee, Consultation Board and General Assembly.

  • The Secretariat bureau consists of a Secretary General and members. The Secretary General is responsible for the overall management of the Association including management of the head office and funds. It submits the annual accounts to the Assembly and prepares estimates for the budget.

  • The General Assembly is composed of the members of the Steering Committee and those of the Consultation Board. It shall elect the President and some Steering Committee members.