Research & Education

The International Association of Advanced Materials (IAAM) is a non-profit scientific research organization that aims to promote the advancement of materials to global excellence. We provide an international platform for educational research and development by offering training, education, memberships and scholarships to researchers, students and professionals in the academic community. We conduct our research and education activities in collaboration with the Institute of Advanced Materials (IAM).

Ranked among the top international research foundation, IAM provides industrial training, consultancy, and services for materials engineering and technology. IAM intends to assist in the development of new materials that could help in the design and creation of sustainable technology. IAM comprises a global network of brilliant and path-breaking researchers and also endorses up-and-coming researchers in different fields of advanced materials.

New Age Educational Research Institute

The Institute of Advanced Materials (IAM) is an educational and research institute that offers R & D and consultancy services in translational research and innovations, technology transfer, infrastructure developments by facilitating leadership development in this new age sci-tech for industrial empowerment. The institute also maintains its advanced material science and technology research outreach activities due to its collaboration with top researchers, institutions, and industries in the field. The institute emphasizes the global networking of experts to deliver innovation and technology to empower academia and industry specifically in the sectors of energy, materials, environment, transportation, electronics, and healthcare.

Considering the level of consumer demand, we intend to design and optimize materials through the interdisciplinary research of broad disciplines that includes physics, chemistry, engineering, medicine, nanoscience, mathematical modeling, and biology. The institute offers consultancy and internships for professionals in advanced materials and helps in the realization of advanced, innovative ideas in industrial technology for commercial prospects. Currently, IAM ensures that specific research themes of advanced materials science, engineering and technology are made a top priority in order to foster innovation and technology.

  • Material Science and Nanotechnology
  • Composite Materials
  • Technological Interfaces

International Research Organization

We at IAAM are dedicated to addressing and resolving global issues by focusing on technological endeavors. Our consistent efforts have borne fruit and created an impact on upgrading skills and knowledge within the existing infrastructure, especially when it comes to healthcare, energy, water technology, and environmental safety. We have achieved this milestone through the maintenance of core and shared facilities, vocational training, technological entrepreneurship and fostering of collegial exchange of international expertise.