Advanced Materials Proceedings

After already taking the world of advanced materials by storm with Advanced Materials Letters, International Association of Advanced Materials released Advanced Materials Proceedings, which is another international scientific journal that publishes peer-reviewed interdisciplinary scientific articles and papers. The journal serves the scientific community by publishing articles related to all the latest research and innovations that take place in the world of healthcare, nanotechnology, environment, and several other fields. These articles are contributed by hundreds of renowned researchers from all around the world and are thus, of great quality. The journal is committed to providing a forum for materials researchers, scientists, engineers, and technocrats to effectively communicate on the most important topics in the field of advanced materials. Also, by enabling renowned researchers to showcase their findings, Advanced Materials Proceedings play a very instrumental role in the sector of materials science.

Our Aim

AMP provides a platform for researchers to showcase their research and breakthrough ideas

Advanced Materials Proceedings was an attempt made by the International Association of Advanced Materials to further expand on the idea of making possible the widespread dissemination of research and materials science knowledge. After already having reached readers around the world with the first journal, a few years later, IAAM released Advanced Materials Proceedings. The journal also publishes a wide range of content related to materials science and help science enthusiasts all over the world in gaining access to the most recent progresses and advancements in the world of advanced materials. As a journal, Advanced Materials Proceedings has been quite instrumental in providing the young researchers and professionals around the world a great platform for showcasing their research, breakthrough ideas, and hard work.

Most Recent Issue

January-March, 2020, Current Issue

Volume 5, Issue 1, Pages 20010387-20010396, January-March 2020
About Cover

The current decade witnessed a rapid evolution of Nanobubbles Technology, which has an application prospect in many fields, such as biomedical imaging, hydrogen storage, water treatment, cleaning and promoting the metabolism of living organisms etc. Nanobubble is known as a long-lasting gas-containing cavity in the aqueous solution and these unique properties could be explained by the low internal pressure and surface tension. The cover photo the current January-March 2020 issue of Advanced Materials Proceedings is dedicated to the 26th anniversary of the first hypothesis for the existence of nanobubbles, reported in 1994.