Awards Nomination

Awards Nomination | IAAM

IAAM invites nominations for all the awards and honours that it confers upon deserving individuals and organizations. The interested parties can nominate themselves, institutions, and their fellow members of the community as well. For the eligibility criteria and the selection procedure, the user is requested to visit the dedicated pages of each award.

International Association of Advanced Materials has continually striven to recognize the immense amount of hard work and dedication that goes into conducting research in an interdisciplinary field like Materials Science, Engineering, and Technology. To express its regard for the profound accomplishments of government agencies, policy makers, R&D organizations, scientific researchers, and students, IAAM organizes an award assembly from time to time. During the awards assembly, the association confers upon the deserving delegates some of the highest honours, awards, and accolades of the industry. It is the hope of IAAM that by regularly honouring the researchers and scientists with prestigious honours like Advanced Materials Laureate, Researcher of the Year, Advanced Materials Award, IAAM Medal, IAAM Young Scientist Award, and many more, it can express its respect to the contributions of the researchers and also inspire the next generation.

Procedure for submission

IAAM members can file in a nomination by logging in to the Member’s Portal on the website or via mail at, in case of individuals who have been requested by IAAM for nomination.

The following information is required for filing a nomination for IAAM recognitions and awards:

  • 1. Nominator and Nominee Details

    Full Name, Mailing Address, email address, contact number, and organization.

  • 2. Citation

    A brief description of the concerned work or research.

  • 3. Supporting Documents

    Supporting documents are required, including CVs of all the nominees, a list of professional achievements, honours, patents, and awards. A separate list containing the latest and most important publications of the nominee is also required.

Rules and Requirements

The nomination for all the IAAM awards is open to government agencies, policy makers, R&D organizations, scientific researchers/ professionals, and students who have made exceptional breakthroughs in a field of materials science, engineering, and technology. The consideration of a nomination by the awards committee of IAAM is not influenced or affected by the field of materials or the kind of approach used to reach the results or the breakthrough ideas. However, the consideration is impacted by the importance and the value of the breakthrough result, especially for the materials community and the general public.

Eligibility For Nominators

  • The nominators are required to be members of the International Association of Advanced Materials. However, individuals who have been requested by IAAM for nomination are surely eligible to file nominations.
  • There can only be one nominator in a nomination. Moreover, the letter or the intimation should be written by the nominator with full CV of Nominees.
  • If the members of IAAM selection committee wish to file a nomination for an award, they can only do so for the awards that they are not judging.
  • The nominators are expected to nominate an individual. However, since breakthrough ideas can involve more than one person, the nominators are allowed to nominate multiple individuals under a single nomination.
  • In case of multiple individuals, the nominators are required to show that each person has contributed almost equally.
  • The nominators should strictly make sure that there is no bias or personal interest involved and that it does not impact any nomination.


Please note that the IAAM administration and the Awards committee are solely responsible for evaluating all the nominations and decide the final verdict for the awards. The decision of the IAAM Awards committee shall be deemed as final.