Awards Nomination

International Association of Advanced Materials has always striven to recognize the immense amount of hard work and dedication that goes into conducting research in an interdisciplinary field like Materials Science and Technology. To express its regard for the profound accomplishments of the scientific elites, scientists, and researchers, IAAM organizes an award assembly in each of its conference.

During this assembly, the association confers upon the deserving delegates some of the highest honours, awards, and accolades of the industry. It is the hope of IAAM that by regularly honouring the researchers and scientists with prestigious honours like Advanced Materials Award, IAAM Medal, IAAM Scientist Medal, Advanced Materials Laureate, Researcher of the Year, and many more, it can express its  can express its respect to the contributions of the researchers and also inspire the next generation.

IAAM invites nominations for all the awards and honours that it imparts. The interested parties can nominate themselves and their fellow members of the community as well. For the eligibility criteria and the selection procedure, the user is requested to visit the dedicated pages of each award.

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