Call for Event Proposals

International Association of Advanced Materials invites individuals, organizations, and businesses to submit event proposals. The prestigious opportunity to serve as the host of an IAAM event or conference is open to all those who desire to take the world of materials science to another level.

IAAM’s international events and conferences are widely regarded as the best in the materials science industry. For the past ten years, IAAM has been setting new benchmarks for the organizations working in the industry. The flagship event of IAAM, i.e. Advanced Materials Congress, has been serving as a platform where like-minded members of the scientific community come together to indulge in high-quality discussions. These discussions are regarding the latest progresses and developments in the sphere of materials science and technology. Our events have given rise to a lot of path-breaking ideas and innovations in the past decade. Moreover, IAAM events and conferences present opportunities for unparalleled level of global networking. By bringing together scientific elites together on one platform along with young researchers, IAAM events offer once-in-a-lifetime experience to all the attendees.

Why host an IAAM event or conference?

Hosting an IAAM event is a prestigious opportunity. In this new decade, the International Association of Advanced Materials has pledged to take its flagship event, the Advanced Materials Congress to all parts of the world. If you become the part of this exciting venture, you contribute highly to the scientific community. IAAM hosts enjoy several benefits such as:

  • Get to collaborate with the premier body of the materials science industry
  • Host some of the best scientific minds of the world
  • Be a part of an enriching journey
  • Associate with the best materials science event, the Advanced Materials Congress
  • Ignite scientific research and knowledge in your region with the AMC

Shared Responsibilities

The success of any event or conference depends upon how well it is organized. Keeping this in mind, the International Association of Advanced Materials provides the conference hosts all the possible help and support that they require. IAAM makes sure that the conference is organized well with the conference host looking after their responsibilities and IAAM Executive Board looking after theirs.So, become a part of this prolific journey today.

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