Fellow of IAAM

Fellow of IAAM is a prestigious honour that the International Association of Advanced Materials confers upon researchers and scientists to appreciate their hard work and efforts for the materials science community. The Fellow of IAAM is recognized as a prestigious title that is only conferred upon deserving researchers who have made some significant contribution to the world of advanced materials science and technology. By honouring the researchers and scientific elites with this coveted title, IAAM recognizes their hard work and also hopes to motivate the young and upcoming researchers to take research up as a long-term career.


The title of ‘Fellow of IAAM’ is awarded to a researcher or scientist who has made some original and significant research in the field of materials science, engineering, and technology. The title serves as a way to recognize and honour far-reaching involvement and research of a researcher. All around the world, any researcher who has spent a significant time in the sphere of Advanced Materials industry is eligible to be the recipient of this great honour.


International Association of Advanced Materials forms a special committee that follows a review process and has the final say on who will be awarded with the title of ‘Fellow of IAAM’. The committee thoroughly looks at all the contributions that an individual has made as a researcher to come to the final verdict. In the past decade, IAAM has honoured and recognized hundreds of researchers from all around the world with the title of ‘Fellow of IAAM’. For all the individuals who receive this honour, it is mandatory to deliver an ‘IAAM Fellow Lecture’ at one of the assemblies of Advanced Materials Congress.