IAAM Medal

IAAM Medal is a prestigious international award conferred upon researchers and members of the scientific community for their notable professional achievements. This medal is awarded by IAAM to those members of the community who have already spent a significant time period in the world of science. IAAM makes an attempt to recognize and award scientists and researchers at all stages of career. The IAAM Medals are meant for the members who are not veterans and at the same time, are not new to the world of materials science.


The IAAM Medal is awarded to some worthy and deserving individuals who have worked towards fostering and enriching the development of Materials Science and Technology by conducting some outstanding research in any field including but not limited to Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Engineering, Medicine, Atmosphere, Ocean, and Planetary Sciences. The Medal is awarded to the scientists and researchers by the association with the hope to recognize their rich involvement in the world of science and valuable research contributions. Throughout the world, any researcher who is engaged in the field of advanced materials science and technology and has performed some significant work can be eligible for this honour.


IAAM forms a special committee that has the final say on who will be awarded with the IAAM Medal. To come to the final decision regarding the IAAM Medals, the committee looks at an individual’s contributions that he has made during the ten years preceding the year of the award assembly. Over the last decade, IAAM has honoured hundreds of researchers from all over the world with the IAAM Medal. Moreover, for any individual who receives this honour, it is mandatory to deliver an award lecture at the assembly of Advanced Materials as part of which the award ceremony is organized.