IAAM Scientist Medal

As part of its award program, IAAM presents IAAM Scientist Medals to a number of worthy scientists on regular basis in its events and conferences. It is one of the many honours that IAAM confers upon the researchers and scientists working in interdisciplinary fields to recognize their work. Since the association has always been keen on recognizing the works of scientists at all stages of career, IAAM Scientist Medal is meant for the researchers who are fairly new in the world of science and have spent a few years only. The award consists of a medal and citation at the annual IAAM meeting. By conferring this honour upon this upcoming researcher, IAAM hopes to motivate them to continue on the path of producing ground-breaking research.


IAAM Scientist Medal is awarded to individuals who have conducted a fair amount of research and created a professional impact in some interdisciplinary field. Even if an individual is working as an independent, he is eligible for this honour if he exemplifies enduring leadership and a vision for the field of materials science. Any individual across the world who meets all the requirements and has made some positive impact on the world of materials science is considered eligible for this highly regarded honour.

Selection Procedure

IAAM utilizes the IAAM Scientist Medal to award the upcoming researchers in the field of materials science. There is a special committee formed that decides upon the names of the final awardees for this honour. The committee awards this medal based on the contributions made by the individual during the five years preceding the year of the award assembly. In the last decade, IAAM has conferred this prestigious honour upon hundreds of researchers from more than 120 countries of the world. All the recipients of this honour are required to deliver an award lecture at the assembly of Advanced Materials Congress as part of which the award assembly is organized.