Advanced Materials Lecture Series

The Advanced Materials Lecture Series is an open-ended lecture series called by the International Association of Advanced Materials (IAAM). The aim of the lecture series is to promote the open and informed discussion on issues pertaining to the advanced materials science, engineering & technology and encourage scientists to address the social aspects in their research.

IAAM has a rich legacy of 6000+ world-renowned high-profile scientists from 100+ countries who have delivered their talks in the lecture series.

Procedure for selection of speakers

The executive board of IAAM nominates high-end scientists regularly in the following three categories for their contributions to strengthening the “Advancement of Materials to Global Excellence”:

  • IAAM Fellow Lecture: IAAM Fellow Lecture is one of the highest categories of lectures that IAAM offers to the fellow member (Fellow of IAAM, FIAAM) as part of the Advanced Materials Lecture Series. Every year, IAAM honours a number of scientists and researchers who have made longstanding contributions towards the Advancement of Materials to Global Excellence. All the recipients of this coveted honour and citation are required to deliver an IAAM Fellow Lecture.

  • IAAM Award Lecture: IAAM Award Lecture is a prestigious and coveted lecture that is delivered by a selected few individuals. The Executive Board of IAAM recognizes worthy and deserving researchers to commend their years of hard work and perseverance. These honourable individuals are shortlisted to deliver the coveted IAAM Award Lecture. The lecture is made accessible to the scientific community as part of the Advanced Materials Lecture Series. The members of the community who deliver this lecture are also honoured with a citation.

  • IAAM Innovation Award Lecture: The IAAM Innovation Award Lecture is another lecture in this series that is delivered by scientists/researchers who have brought about some significant innovation to the sphere of advanced materials. The executive board of the International Association of Advanced Materials keeps an eye out for individuals who demonstrate innovative approaches to generate path-breaking ideas and research. The board shortlists these researchers to deliver the prestigious IAAM Innovation Award Lecture and each researcher receives a citation.

As per the mandatory requirement of association, the award and fellow lecture must be delivered by the awardee or fellow in the Lecture Series of Advanced Materials within a month from the date of acceptance. The citation of ‘Award Lecture’ will be given by the association after delivering the award and fellow lecture.

The lecture time should be at least 20 minutes. After completing the registration, IAAM confirms the date and time for the Award lecture.

Nominated Speakers can submit their abstract(s) through the speaker’s portal: