IAAM Celebrating 15th Years of Establishment

Commemorating 15 years of excellence, IAAM upholds its commitment to 'Advancement of Materials for Global Excellence' by fostering innovation in health, energy, electronics, and climate domains.

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Celebrating 15th anniversary of IAAM

We Promote Scientific Advancement for the Betterment of Society

International Association of Advanced Materials is a renowned international scientific research organization working in the sphere of materials science and technology. The organization has been working for the last 15 years to facilitate a highly interactive community of advanced materials researchers in order to stimulate partnerships.

Utilizing Science & Technology for the betterment of the world

IAAM activities


Goal-oriented Events and Conferences

IAAM’s flagship event, Advanced Materials Congress, is one of the premier events in the sphere of Advanced Materials. This conference, and all the other events that IAAM organizes, are designed to stimulate extensive discussions and interaction among the delegates that attend these events from all over the world. With a unique format and the highly relevant themes and topics, IAAM has sent the benchmark for other organizations in the industry.

  • Unique format of ‘Knowledge Experience at Sea’
  • Once-in-a-lifetime experience for the delegates
  • Attended by scientific elites from all over the world
  • Discussion-oriented symposiums and consortiums
  • Highly informative lectures and presentations

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World-class Diamond Open Access Publications

With an aim to facilitate the widespread dissemination of valuable scientific knowledge and research, IAAM runs various Diamond Open Access Publication journals and also publishes books. Within a very short span of time, IAAM has become a prominent publishing organization and acquired a prominent place in the industry. With an aim to promote scientific advancement, the organization works to provide people access to all kinds of materials science knowledge and information.

  • Free to publish and Free to Read
  • No Publishing or Article Processing charges
  • High quality of research articles and papers
  • Oldest not-for-profit scientific publication organization
  • Promoting the accessibility of scientific knowledge

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Honouring researchers with prestigious awards

IAAM believes that it is critical to support and recognize the active members of the scientific world in order to inspire the upcoming researchers to pursue science in the long run. The organization recognizes the hard work that the scientific elites have to put in to conduct some path-breaking research, and thus, IAAM honours researchers and scientists in all its events and conferences.

  • Prestigious accolades and honours
  • Inspiring path-breaking research
  • Honouring competent and deserving scientific minds
  • Honouring competent and deserving scientific minds
  • Promoting young researchers and professionals

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World-class consultancy services

IAAM leverages its global network of scientists, researchers, and technocrats to provide consultancy in translational research & innovation, technology transfer, infrastructure development. The association maintains its global technology and materials science outreach by collaborating with the scientific elites around the world and organizations that are working towards the same goal of ‘Advancement of Materials to Global Excellence’. The organization intend to facilitate the optimization and enhancement of the field of materials science, engineering, and technology.

  • A global network of experts
  • Years of experience in scientific consultancy
  • Out-of-the-box thinking and smart research methods
  • Competitive advantage over the peers
  • Adding value to businesses

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Research and Development

IAAM offers Research & Development services in translational research and innovations, technology transfer, infrastructure developments and facilitates leadership development in this new age sci-tech for industrial empowerment. The institute also carries out a lot of advanced materials science and technology research outreach activities by leveraging its collaboration with top researchers, institutions, and industries in the field of materials science.

  • Result-oriented research activities
  • Utilizing science for the betterment of society
  • Working with innovative minds
  • Integrating academia and industry
  • Addressing and resolving global issues with research

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Consortiums and Forums

“Advancement of Materials to Sustainable and Green World”

International Association of Advanced Materials has resolved to work in line with the United Nation’s agenda of sustainable development for the new decade. The association is committed to working with the motto of ‘Advancement of Materials to Sustainable and Green World’ throughout the next decade. We understand that having a sustainable future should be the most important aim of humankind right now.

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Advancement of Materials to Global Excellence

International Association of Advanced Materials, IAAM, has created one of the largest
global networks for advanced materials community.
Platforms for Global Networking
50k + memebers from over 125 countries. IAAM facilitates collaborations and partnerships between researchers and/or organizations intending translational beliefs.
Meetings and Conferences
Hosted over 16000 esteemed delegates from around 100 countries of the world in more than 30+ IAAM conferences and over 1200+ sessions and symposia.
Publication of journals, Books , etc.

Two journals, supported 25+ books and 30+ Proceedings. IAAM advocates not-for-profit Diamond Open Access publishing and seeks to go above and beyond traditional practices.

20+ Consortium and forums

Engaging 1500+ cooperation opportunities for translational research on various important fields of advanced materials and technology for sustainable and green future

Advanced Materials Lectures

Secured 7000 + lectures from well-known speakers; created a rich legacy of researchers who contributed to advancing materials to global excellence in IAAM's decade journey.

Awards and Recognitions

1000+ researchers Honoured and recognized from over 70 countries until December 2020 with an aim to praise the hard work and dedication of materials science researchers.

IAAM organizes highly interactive symposia that serve as forums of discussion for the contemporary research topics based on science and technology.

Advanced Materials Congress

Take a look at the year-wise reports of our flagship event: Advanced Materials Congress

Awards assembly

IAAM regularly honours the worthy and deserving researchers and delegates of the materials science community. Here are the yearly records of our awards program.

All of IAAM’s events and conferences are organized on the highly innovative format of ‘Knowledge Experience
at Sea’ to ensure maximum possible interaction among delegates.
IAAM releases the highly informative lectures delivered by scientific elites in its conferences
for people to get access to valuable knowledge and results free of cost.

Not-for-profit Publishing

With a goal of disseminating scientific research and knowledge, IAAM has been promoting not-for-profit scientific publishing.

World-class Diamond Open Access Publications | Not-for-profit Publishing
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