International Association of Advanced Materials

A non-profit international scientific research organization, the International Association of Advanced Materials (IAAM) is focused on the advancement of materials to global excellence. We are currently based in Sweden, and being an international scientific research organization, we offer global education and research forum for the rapidly expanding developments in the fields of advanced materials science, engineering and technology.


IAAM offers a common forum for students, researchers and professionals from academia, research laboratories and industries, who meet often to discuss the developments of advanced materials innovations and technology.

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IAAM publishes journals to promote the Advanced Materials Science and Technology.

Advanced Materials Letters is a monthly scientific journal in the fields of materials science, published more than 1200 research articles since June 2010.

Advanced Materials Proceedings is a comprehensive scientific journal, publishing peer-reviewed articles in the multidisciplinary area of advanced materials related to chemical etc...

Advanced Materials Reviews is a comprehensive journal intended to provide top-quality peer-reviewed review papers in the fascinating field of materials science particularly in the ...

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Hosted 12000+ delegates and 5000+ speakers from 100+ countries

IAAM organizes regular conferences, seminars, symposia and schools for the developments of the
Advanced Materials Science, Engineering and Technology.

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Association honours outstanding researchers for their outstanding contribution in the
Advanced Materials Science, Engineering and Technology.

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IAAM honors pioneer researchers with the Advanced Materials Laureate for their notable and outstanding contributions for the advancement of materials to global excellence.

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