International Association of Advanced Materials Sustainable Development Agenda for 2030

International Association of Advanced Materials is dedicated to accelerating Materials Research and Innovations to facilitate resources and technology-gathering to address sustainable developmental needs. In this decade, the IAAM has the agenda to focus its activities inline toward achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Inline with its accumulative sustainable development agenda, the associationputs world-wide efforts with Materials Science, Engineering, and Technology across spheres of academia and industry towards potentially addressing the challenges of sustainability of materials for a green world.

International Association of Advanced Materials celebrated its 10th anniversary in the year 2020 working for the advancement of materials to global excellence. In the new decade, the organization has taken keen cognizance of the rising need for global sustainability and adopted an ambitious pursuit towards the same. International Association of Advanced Materials stepped into the next decade by declaring its slogan ‘Advancement of Materials to Sustainable and Green World’.

Advancement of Materials with the UN SDGs

The UN SDGs have laid out the goal and vision for how the world should be in the future. The coveted organization has laid out as many as 17 SDGs and 169 targets that cover the global agenda and include the economic, social, and ecological aspects of global sustainability. The detailed SDGs have also laid out principles and references for local and national policies. United Nations has called upon the global private sector and national governments to effectively come together and engage in implementing the SDGs and make sure that the world is a better place in the future.

International Association of Advanced Materials has effectively taken several initiatives in this direction and hopes to contribute towards the accomplishment of these goals. The association works with world-wide researcher networks mainly in the areas of Sustainable Materials Development, New Functional Materials, Energy Materials, Recycling Materials, and many more with a special focus on global sustainability and the 17 SDGs.

Advanced Materials’ Support to SDGs

Although the Sustainable Development Goals do not outline a specific role for Advanced Materials, these resources are particularly important for the proper and effective implementation of the SDGs. In the modern world, Advanced Materials have already started becoming an indispensable part across industries and all sectors of the economy. With the use of newly developed advanced materials that are highly functional, effective businesses across industries have begun improving their processes and manufacturing methods. This rising implementation of advanced materials in areas like manufacturing processes across healthcare, energy, environment, and many more has led them to be incredibly useful and essential for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals laid down by the United Nations.

R&D World Links

International Association of Advanced Materials makes efforts to create an international network on ‘Sustainable Materials Research and Innovations’ and offers a wide range of cooperation like High-end- expert consortiums, Research & Development, Industrial Training, Technology Transfer, Innovations, and events to exchange sustainable processes at the global arena. The Translational and Materials innovation is focused on enhancing new methods and technologies in materials sustainability for health, energy, and environment, .For making changes that matter to sustainable research, researchers may join the activities of International Association of Advanced Materials. Our efforts include:

  • Constituting consortia and projects for academic disciplines and business areas that hold the potential to transform the future markets,
  • Creating decentralize multidisciplinary research projects through the engagement of world-wide joint/network labs and experts.
  • Finding solutions to problems, by providing the right network and strategies to ensure that we create the optimum financial value out of your technology and research,
  • Coordinating projects and prototype products to translational from the research stage to TRL 6 and above in the sectors of energy, environment, health, and many more,
  • Forming partnerships and collaborations for actively working in Translational Research Activity, Joint Research Program, Educational Activity and Joint Supervision of PhD and Master Students, etc.

In this new decade, IAAM has included Global sustainability as one of the primary agendas and topics of discussion in all its cooperation initiatives. The initiatives are focused on bringing to focus specific areas like Sustainable Materials, Green Innovations, Translational Research, and many more. They bring together policymakers, global scientific leaders, and researchers to map out the path for global sustainable development. The association is also making efforts to propagate the idea of ownership of the waste lying with the creator of the product in order to minimize waste production.

IAAM utilizes these activities and networks to facilitate discussions on the formulation of different kinds of materials that are core to the development of new technologies and take forward the agenda of Sustainable Development. There are several global networks that IAAM has lined up with a focus on critically important kinds of materials such as: Functional Materials, Energy Materials, Composite Materials, Structural and Engineering Materials, Polymers, Biomaterials, Micro and Nanomaterials and Applied Materials, etc.

Materials’ Flagships

IAAM hosts its leading materials knowledge hub, the Advanced Materials Congress, in the unprecedented and unique format of ‘Knowledge Experience at Sea’. This one-of-a-kind prestigious materials network puts together policymakers, entrepreneurs, researchers, and professionals from academia and industry and leverages their expertise to devise ideas for how advanced materials can be used to contribute to Global Sustainability. With the format of ‘Knowledge Experience at Sea’, the conference puts the scientific elites from all over the world on a sea vessel, away from their daily lives, and leads to global scientific cooperation for various initiatives.

As part of its agenda of creating knowledge exchanges about the need for sustainability, IAAM also organizes the regional Advanced Materials schools and consortiums at prestigious institutes and universities. IAAM has launched the initiative of ‘Knowledge Experience on Campus’ with an aim to connect and educate the young scientific minds in the universities and colleges about the need for Global Sustainable Development.

IAAM has also launched the World’s largest Online Materials event, Advanced Materials WebCongress (AMWeb) with a special focus on Sustainability along with discussing path-breaking ideas in Materials Research, Innovation, and Technology. With the innovative format of ‘Live Knowledge at Web’, the congress is planned to run with more than 50 topical sessions for as many as 1000 hours with experts and scientists from over 150 countries. This one-of-a-kind online event has been designed to bring expert scientists together and discuss the path towards sustainability.

The AMWeb has been launched to leverage the presence of global experts and scientists to figure out how to use the advanced materials towards a sustainable future. In addition, this online congress promotes collaboration among researchers and scientists for the formulation of materials indispensable to sustainable development. Moreover, IAAM has also constituted the Fellow Summit, which is a one-of-a-kind exclusive high-level meeting with world class researchers working in the field of Advancement of Materials. The summit creates a close-knit community of the most accomplished scientists, researchers, policy makers, representatives from industries, government, and society to discuss about the role of materials and their management for sustainability. The IAAM Fellow Summit is used to bring together these elites and discuss how to utilize materials research and innovation to build sustainable things that are beneficial for society.

IAAM utilizes its international researchers’ networks to create interdisciplinary worldwide consortiums and experts’ group on specific kinds of Materials Research and Technology that are focused on taking forward the agenda of sustainability. These topical consortiums create opportunities for researchers, engineers, students, and professionals to discuss the formulation of novel kinds of workable advances to create new technologies and support the UN Sustainable Development Goals. One of the themes of IAAM’ consortiums is to bring together researchers and scientists from all over the world in materials to actively contribute to the dissemination of recent developments in sustainable materials synthesis, characterization, modeling, device fabrication and testing, providing in-depth discussions on key issues on translational research and innovations.

The IAAM’ consortiums are extremely specific to themes that are indispensable to Global Sustainability. From reducing carbon emissions to improving the functioning of the Energy sector to enhancing the quality of healthcare, Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology have applications in a wide range of important areas. The IAAM topical consortiums explore all these areas from the lens of Materials Research and generate novel ideas and solutions. Some of the IAAM consortiums dedicated to Sustainability are:

Expediting Open Access Publications

As part of our goal of working for ‘Advancement of Materials to Sustainable and Green World’, IAAM has focused its publication initiatives towards creating widespread awareness about the urgent and universal need to move towards sustainability. These initiatives include IAAM’s prestigious international Diamond Open Access Materials Science journals: Advanced Materials Letters and Advanced Materials Proceedings that publish quality peer-reviewed articles and papers. With a global readership of thousands of researchers and students from all around the world, IAAM’s publications are the perfect platform to bring into focus and discuss the Materials’ potential contributions to United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

IAAM is utilizing this wide range of publications to discuss key topics and ideas to map out a path towards global sustainability. The association releases a high number of articles contributed by global Materials Science Experts regularly that discuss the latest trends in Materials industry and the potential contributions of the sphere towards a Sustainable Future. In this new decade, IAAM has released several issues of Advanced Materials Letters and Advanced Materials Proceedings specifically dedicated to the goals, potential contributions, and the role of Advanced Materials towards achieving the SDGs. Lately, IAAM has attempted to create a steep surge in awareness towards the global need for sustainability by releasing issues with specific themes such as:

IAAM has also established an open access cloud knowledge network of Advanced Materials, and their application to create better understanding of sustainable products and practices. The Advanced Materials Lecture Series and Video Proceedings of Advanced Materials ( are prestigious platforms where IAAM publishes video articles presented by world-renowned high-profile scientists and researchers on important areas of materials science, engineering, and technology. These experts come together on these platforms and present their findings regarding numerous developments of materials.