Advanced Materials Congress

Advanced Materials Congress is the flagship conference of the International Association of Advanced Materials. Started in the year 2011, Advanced Materials Congress is an international conference that brings together researchers, professionals, scientists, students, and business giants from all over the world on a prestigious platform to facilitate discussions on the new innovations and technology in the field and sphere of advanced materials. Through the Advanced Materials Conferences, we have actively created a global forum spanning across the continents of Asia, Europe, Australia, Africa and, the USA for the advancement of materials to global excellence. Since its inception, IAAM has hosted over 15,000 delegates from over 100 countries in its past assemblies held in global cities such as Stockholm, Helsinki, New Delhi, Singapore, Sydney, and more.

Initially, AMC conferences were conducted on land in collaboration with renowned universities. However, to increase the networking opportunities, we launched a conference in 2013 and later on, in 2015, IAAM noticed the possibility of organizing a dedicated conference on a cruise ship, which would also bring more networking opportunities and provide a quality experience of scientific discussions. That’s how the idea of “Knowledge Experience of Sea” was conceived. Ever since then, all of IAAM’s conferences are organized on a cruise so that the delegates can get a chance to get away from their busy schedules and delve into the sea of scientific exploration and research.

History of AMC:

After being established in the year 2010, IAAM had taken the world of advanced materials by a storm with its first journal, ‘Advanced Materials Letters’. A year later, the leadership of IAAM decided that the sphere of advanced materials required a platform where the members of the community could come together and indulge in intensive discussions. Expanding on this idea, in the year 2011, IAAM launched the ‘Advanced Materials Congress’. The first ever assembly of AMC was organized in China and had proved to be an amazing success. Ever since then, AMC has proved to be a prestigious platform where the scientific elites from all over the world come together every now and then to hold discussions on the most important developments in the field of materials science.

What To Expect At The AMC

With an aim to promote communication and collaboration in the advanced materials community, we invite delegates, speakers, young researchers, and students from different countries. We host a range of different attendees as we understand that diversity is essential for innovation, excellence, and new discoveries. The experience proves to be a culmination of a plethora of ideas and thoughts. The conference acts as a platform for the established researchers to discuss their path-breaking ideas with their peers from around the world. Moreover, it also gives the young and upcoming scientists and researchers a chance to indulge in prestigious discussions with the leaders of their fields and get an international exposure.