21st Assembly of Advanced Materials Congress

21st Assembly of Advanced Materials Congress | IAAM

The 21st Assembly of Advanced Materials Congress is an international congress and was held this year from 03-06 September in Stockholm, Sweden. The theme of the congress, “A substantial move towards the New age Innovation and Technology-Bridging Sensor, Actuator, Polymer and Thin Film (SAPTFs)”, reflected the scientist-industry model that is valued for the advancement of society. Discussions during the 21st Assembly revolved around technology and systems, especially those used with Sensor, Actuator, Polymer and Thin Films. Discussions also centered on major challenges of this sector faced in the industry and markets.

Discussions during the 21st Assembly of Advanced Materials Congress | IAAM

Purpose of the Advanced Materials Congress

The primary purpose of the conference was to endorse translational research and to promote innovation and advances in technology as well as to facilitate an exchange of information among researchers, engineers, students, and among global industries. A secondary goal of the conference had been to explore the advances made in the advanced materials’ science and technology especially with Sensor, Actuator, Polymer and Thin Films. At the conference, leaders from academia and industry shared their experiences and ideas and presented the results of their research. Possibilities of future collaborations were also explored with an emphasis on developing new projects and on exploiting new technologies in the participant’s respective fields. The illusion of “Knowledge Experience at Sea” ensured the maximum interaction and most vibrant discussion to place all aboard in a single vessel while sailing across the Baltic sea. The pleasant Scandinavian weather was the witness of the success of this cross-disciplinary world congress.

Leading minds exchanging ideas and information at 21st Assembly of Advanced Materials Congress | IAAM

During the 21st Assembly of Advanced Materials Congress, leading minds got the opportunity to mingle and exchange ideas and information. The scope for future collaborations was fostered among young researchers and students working in or studying material science, engineering and technology. For this meeting, 216 abstracts from 41 countries were received. The event had 11 thematic sessions including 26 keynotes & invited lectures, series of oral & poster presentations, welcome and IAAM felicitation ceremony.

IAAM felicitation and award ceremony

During the felicitation ceremony, IAAM honoured 7 researchers to acknowledge their significant contributions towards the advancement of materials to global excellence. Professor Sigeru Omatu, Osaka Institute of Technology, Japan and Professor Mieczyslaw Lapkowski, Silesian University of Technology, Poland honoured with prestigious Advanced Materials Awards. Professor Thomas Krause from Royal Military College of Canada and Claudio Scarponi from Sapienza – Università di Roma received the prestigious IAAM Medal. Dr. Norio Nakata from Saitama University, Japan, Dr. Xuan Wu, Jiangsu University, China and Dr. Ghada Dushaq, New York University, UAE were awarded the IAAM Scientist Medal. The best oral and poster presentation awards were awarded to Rita del Pezzo from Department of Chemical Engineering, Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Spain and Gaurav Rawal from Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India, respectively at the closing ceremony.

The best oral and poster presentation awards at 21st Assembly of Advanced Materials Congress | IAAM

Areas of Discussion

The major research areas like Material Design and Fabrications, Characterizations, Integrations and Applications were discussed during the congress. There were two thematic sessions, “New Frontiers in the Innovations and Technology” and in “Advance Innovation Technology”, were conducted during the 21st Assembly to discuss the latest advanced materials innovations and their challenges towards commercialization. Association has received numbers of positive testimonials from the attendees about the high quality of lectures, pleasant atmosphere, and super organization. Most interesting, the congress was concluded with the positive remarks and future agendas.

Best minds in technology at 21st Assembly of AMC | IAAM

By bringing together the best minds from various domains in technology, IAAM expects to steadily transform the lives of millions for the better. By creating an atmosphere of collaboration and of competition IAAM expects to be at the forefront of discussions about innovations and technologies that help make societies more prosperous.

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