Baltic Conference Series

In order to promote and provide education for the rapidly expanding field of Advanced Materials, at IAAM, we organize multiple events, meetings, conferences and seminars throughout the year. Each event has a separate agenda and tone, to ensure we are able to engage and entice a larger audience. The Advanced Materials Congress (AMC) and the World Congress Series (WCS) are great examples of this.

Similarly, we have launched the Baltic Conference Series (BCS), which is held in the Baltic Sea, from where it derives its name. The BCS is a comprehensive forum used to showcase the latest trends in translational research, innovations and technology across various sectors. The motto of BCS is “Commercialization of Translational Research”.

Baltic Conference Series on Cruise

Baltic Conference Series (BCS) is a comprehensive forum, which is used to discuss the recent trends in translational research, innovations and technology for the market. The BCS offers a global platform to industries and academia for the commercialization of progressive research.

Our conferences aim at highlighting the recent progress made in the field of next-generation research and innovations with a special focus on materials knowledge and discoveries for empowering society. We invite notable personalities within the academia and industry to join our plenary sessions, keynote lectures, as well as oral and poster presentations on translational research for the empowerment of society. During these conferences, our attendees will be given an opportunity to indulge in discussions related to:

  1. Water Technology
  2. Carbon Materials & Technology
  3. Epoxy and Resin Technology
  4. Plastic and Rubber Technology
  5. Pulp and Paper Technology
  6. Wood Technology
  7. Medical Technology
  8. Chemical Technology

Baltic Conference Series in Sweden & Other Countries

We have hosted delegates, speakers, young researchers and students from different countries. Here are some snapshots from memorable moments from our Baltic conference cruise series over the years.

1st Assembly

08 – 11 Oct, 2017

2nd Assembly

14 – 17 May, 2018

3rd Assembly

09 – 12 Oct, 2018

4th Assembly

13 – 16 May, 2019

5th Assembly

08 – 11 Oct, 2019