Trends of Nanotechnology Reveled in the 3rd BCS

With the feat of extremely successful previous two meetings, International Association of Advanced Materials (IAAM) was proud to organize the 3rd Baltic Conference Series (BCS) at Conference Center, M/S Mariella, Viking Line (Stockholm – Helsinki – Stockholm) during 09 – 12 October 2018.

Overview of the Baltic Conference Series

Baltic Conference Series (BCS) is a comprehensive forum to discuss the recent trends in the translational research, innovations and technology to market. The BCS offers a global platform to the industries and academia for the commercialization of progressive research.

IAAM is dedicated to resolving global problems through technological endeavors that are focused on market competence along with susceptibility.

It understands that skills and knowledge have to be upgraded, especially in the diverse fields of healthcare, energy, environmental safety and water resources, to achieve the end results. This led to the idea of the birth of the Baltic Conference.

The 3rd Baltic Conference Series was organized to provide a global platform for discussing the recent trends of advancement of nanomaterials and nanotechnology along with the deep insight of drug delivery and nanomedicine specially in the field of translational research, innovations and technology for market.

The series was an attempt to resolve the challenges being faced in the healthcare and nano-industry today by bridging the gap between nanotechnology and medical research.

The theme of the conference was “A substantial move towards the medical innovations and nanotechnology”.

This conference encompasses cross-disciplinary interactions between eminent speakers besides exposure to the high-quality presentation, global networking along with social and cultural activities that are experienced over cruise hospitality.

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Eminent speakers from Academia and Industry joined the rich legacy of “Advancements of Nanotechnology to Market”. Picture © IAAM Media

The abstracts came from highly accomplished scientists, doctors, researchers, business giants, medical technocrats and professors who wanted to share new ideas, original research and practical developments on this international platform.

The conference was attracted by the participation from 30 different countries. There were 23 thematic sessions during the conference, included 15 keynote addresses, 73 invited lectures, and a multitude of oral & poster presentations.

Ashutosh Tiwari delivering the opening remark during 3rd bcs | IAAM

Dr. Ashutosh Tiwari delivering the opening remark. Picture © IAAM Media

The conference began with opening remarks by Dr. Ashutosh Tiwari, Secretary-General, IAAM and continued with cross-disciplinary interactive sessions. The opening session was chaired by Prof. Klaas Poelstra and Prof. Yoshihiro Ito.

Plenary discussion during the 3rd bcs | IAAM

Prof. Klaas Poelstra and Prof. Yoshihiro Ito in plenary discussion with Prof. Claus Feldmann, opening speaker of the 3rd BCS. Picture © IAAM Media

An allusion of “Knowledge Experience at Sea” was created leading to dynamic discussions among delegates as they sailed on the Baltic Sea enjoying the pleasant Scandinavian weather with the beautiful Stockholm archipelago in the background.

The “Knowledge Experience at Sea”, October 2018 issue is directed by Erik Sandström, IAAM Media.

The 3rd Baltic Conference was eagerly anticipated by everyone. This is because it is a comprehensive forum where scientists and innovators get together to discuss various trends in the translational research, along with technology for the market to pave the way for commercialization of any research in diverse fields.

Prof. Venigalla Rao during the plenary talk | IAAM

Prof. Venigalla Rao during the plenary talk. Picture © IAAM Media

The discussions here centred on Nanomaterial, Nanotechnology, Drug Delivery, Nanomedicine and much more. The world’s most distinguished academicians came together to discuss the challenges being faced in the new research, towards the commercialization of translational research.

Prof. Herbert Pfnuer during the keynote talk - 3rd bcs | IAAM

Prof. Herbert Pfnuer during the keynote talk. Picture © IAAM Media

This conference facilitated the endorsing of translational research, along with innovations, and developments in technology. There was a massive exchange of information among researchers, engineers, students as well as industry.

The advances that had been made in the field of nanomaterials along with nanotechnology were discussed between leaders from academia as well as industry. The results of their discussions led to the possibility of collaboration.

Presentations from leading researchers during the 3rd bcs | IAAM

Recent trends of nanotechnology in translational research and innovations for market-New results presentations from leading researchers. Picture © IAAM Media

The spark of new ideas helped to develop new projects, while exploring translational nanotechnology in the respective fields of various participants.

The conference was a witness to students, researchers, as well as engineers from academia and industry interacting with those working in in-house manufacturing with a host of start-ups.

Prof. Masaru Tomita discussing horizon of Cancer Nanotechnology | IAAM

Prof. Masaru Tomita discussing horizon of Cancer Nanotechnology during the keynote session. Picture © IAAM Media

There were several interactive plenary discussions, besides keynote and invited lectures. Next were the comprehensive talks and poster sessions that discussed nanomaterials with all the areas of medical and clinical research.

Poster Session during the congress | IAAM

Poster Session during the congress. Picture © IAAM Media

IAAM awards & felicitation

The IAAM awards & felicitation is aimed to recognize and honour pioneer researchers for their notable and outstanding achievements by contributing to the advancement of materials and achieving this on a global scale. These are the highest honours for a person who is working in a diverse background.

Professor Claus Feldmann (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany), Professor Masayoshi Tonouchi (Osaka University, Japan), Professor Marek Godlewski (Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland) and Professor Nathalie Trannoy (University of Reims Champagne Ardenne, France) were privileged with the highly prestigious IAAM Medal.

IAAM felicitation Ceremony with Ashutosh Tiwari | IAAM

IAAM felicitation Ceremony. Picture © IAAM Media

 Professor Marc Brunel (University of Rouen, France) and Dr. Giovanna Paolone (University of Verona, Italy) were awarded with the IAAM Scientist Medal. Dr. Dipak Maity (Institute of Chemical Technology, India) was honoured with the Young Innovator Award.

Dr. Olga Shimoni from University of Technology, Australia; Dr. Raquel Ovalle from LINTEC of America, INC., USA and Dr. Hong Jin from Xi’an Jiaotong University, China received the Young Scientist Medal for their exciting and innovative research in this field.

The conference managed to achieve exactly what it had set out for. It explored various recent developments as well as discoveries that have taken place in the respective field of nanotechnology along with medical research.

It looked at different ways in which these can be used for the empowerment of society. Another feature was the discussion to understand how the industries and academia can take it forward to commercialize progressive research in this field.

The exemplary interdisciplinary research presentations provide a global forum for researchers, educators, professionals and students belonging to various fields to come together for networking.

The delegates get the opportunity to explore the culture, food, historical places, monuments, etc. in two exotic Scandinavian capitals while relishing the beautiful scenic views of the Stockholm archipelago as they cruised through 30,000 islands.

Social activity at two Scandinavian capitals | IAAM

Social activity at two Scandinavian capitals. Picture © IAAM Media

At the closing ceremony, Dr. Ashutosh Tiwari acknowledged the delegates for their efforts and active participation to make this interdisciplinary congress a grand success. Prof. Venigalla Rao from The Catholic University of America, USA and Prof. Masaru Tomita from the Keio University, Japan were recognized with the “Guest of Honor”.

Dr. Ashutosh Tiwari acknowledging the guest of honors | IAAM

Guest of Honor during Congress. Picture © IAAM Media

Ada Vernet Crua (Northeastern University, USA) and Tania Cova (University of Coimbra, Portugal) were received the Best Oral Presentation Award.

Best oral presentation award given by Dr. Ashutosh Tiwari | IAAM

Best Oral presentation award. Picture © IAAM Media

While Phumuzile Dube (University of the Western Cape, South Africa) and Shi Hui Law (Kaohsiung Medical University, Taiwan) were received the Best Poster Presentation Awards during the closing ceremony.

Best Poster presentation award given by Dr. Ashutosh Tiwari | IAAM

Best Poster presentation award. Picture © IAAM Media

The congress ends with interdisciplinary thoughts & deliverables and concluded with fruitful outcomes towards providing the background for advances in medical nanotechnology.

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