World Congress Series

World Congress Series (WCS) is an international carnival for the promotion of science, engineering, and technology. The WCS encompasses interdisciplinary subject areas of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Medicine, and Engineering for academia and industries to present their research results, innovations, services, and products. The World Congress Series is an initiative taken by the International Association of Advanced Materials to take the prestigious conferences to different parts of the world in order to stimulate and ignite an interest of advanced materials in the local population of these areas

Our Aim

WCS explores recent progresses in various fields related to Materials Science, Chemistry, and all the related innovations. With various events and elements like keynote, invited, and oral presentations along with poster presentations, the conferences organized under this series create opportunities for extensive global networking among researchers, scientists, and students from all around the world. Over the years, IAAM has taken this franchise to different corners of the world and helped in the advancement of materials to global excellence.