Interdisciplinary Thematic Congress held in November 2018

The 23rd Assembly of Advanced Materials Congress and 1st World Congress Series was held from 04 – 07 November 2018 at Stockholm, Sweden under the aegis of the International Association of Advanced Materials (IAAM). The four-day event offered a coordination in three contemporary research fields – i) Energy, ii) Catalysis and iii) Plasma and congress paid the way for a new horizon towards the translational research and innovations for the market. The theme, “A significant move towards the translational research, innovations and technology”, aims to provide the opportunity to highlight the advances from “laboratory to end users” research and practices.


Group photo of congress participants | IAAMGroup photo of congress participants from 38 countries

Knowledge Experience at Sea

The highlight of the congress was that all discussions and interactions took place in a vessel sailing on the Baltic Sea. ‘Knowledge Experience at Sea’ was truly an innovative theme of the congress that made it possible to share knowledge in a unique environment. The vessel carrying the congress’ delegation departed from Stockholm on 05 November and returned to Stockholm on 07 November 2018. While the attendees were busy presenting their world-class presentations and learning from equally-eminent peers, they were all served with outstanding cruise hospitality. Delegates also had a chance to immerse themselves in diverse cultural experiences and social activities spread in two capital cities of Scandinavia.

Congress registration and plenary sessions | IAAMCongress registration and plenary sessions

The event also analyzed challenges and opportunities in large-scale manufacturing involving such materials and the market feasibility of products and technologies. The thematic sessions were stressed on how science and industry could cooperate for the betterment of the society. The initiative to this approach at the congress could later lead to more cooperation and co-development in research and innovations meant for the markets.

Competent speakers well-versed in their respective domains | IAAMCompetent speakers well-versed in their respective domains

The congress received 141 abstracts from various authors located in 38 countries. The event was conducted with 10 thematic sessions that covered 26 Keynote/ Invited lectures. There were also a series of oral & poster presentations followed by talks and felicitations. The event had a diverse level of attendance. While competent speakers well-versed in their respective domains of excellence presented their ideas and inputs on the subject, the event enhanced the availability of usable information by encouraging inter-disciplinary research presentations. A strong posse of attendees from the industry and academia added depth and variety to the gathering.

Thematic discussions and invited lectures | IAAMThematic discussions and invited lectures

International Consortium on the Innovations & Technology

There were also one International Consortium on the Innovations & Technology, which helped attendees to derive maximum benefit from the event. The major aims of the dedicated to creating a global cooperation platform to implement projects by sharing knowledge, building joint infrastructures in terms of IPR, high-quality publications, etc. Additionally, it was aimed to improve the efficiency of cooperation by external funding’s, to disseminate translational research and to build technology for market. The active participation of the eminent researchers from academia and industry concluded the consortium with fruitful outcomes towards providing the setting for advances in technology to percolate to the end user.

International consortium on the innovations & technology | IAAMInternational consortium on the innovations & technology

Prof. Pascal Roussel, CNRS, France; Prof. Thejappa Golla, University of Maryland, USA; Dr. Kalman Toth, European Commission, Joint Research Centre, Belgium; Dr. Rami El-Emam, International Atomic Agency, Austria; Dr. Darina Blagoeva, European Commission, Joint Research Centre, Netherlands and Dr. Sunil K. Maity, Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad, India were privileged with the “Guest of Honor” for their significant contribution towards the advancement of innovation and technology.

Delegates exploring the scandinavian capitals | IAAMExplored the Scandinavian capitals

The delegates were explored the Scandinavian culture, weather, food, historical places, monuments etc. in two Scandinavian capitals of Sweden and Finland. The guided tours have been taken place in the Helsinki and Stockholm.

Closing ceremony & Awards

Best oral and poster awards from Dr. Ashutosh Tiwari | IAAM

Closing ceremony and best oral and poster awards

In the closing ceremony, Dr. Ashutosh Tiwari, Secretary-General of IAAM applauded the delegates for their efforts and active participation to make the congress a grand success. Ms. Raluca Nastase from IC2MP (Institute of Chemistry of Poitiers: Materials and Natural Resources), France and Akifumi Yamamoto from Ritsumeikan University, Japan were received the Best Oral and Best Poster Awards during the closing ceremony.  The congress ends with interdisciplinary thoughts and deliverables, that could match the number of inspiring facts, figures, concepts and demonstrations.

The “Knowledge Experience at Sea”, November 2018 issue is produced by the Erik Sandström, IAAM media. Please watch feel good movie of congress. We warmly welcome any comment and suggestion from the readers.

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