Awards and Recognitions

Awards and Recognition | IAAM

IAAM offers the some of the highest honours in the field of materials science and technology to the scientists around the world. The association confers various honours and awards upon the deserving minds of the community on a regular basis. The association strives to acknowledge the researchers and scientists working at all the levels. We honour the elites who have already made a major impact in the field and at the same time, we honour people who are beginning to make their mark in the world of science. For the last ten years, IAAM has been a leader in recognizing those who are outstanding members of their field and those who aim to become future scientific leaders. The association takes pride in its award program that has been a major highlight of the materials science community for a decade now.

Aim of our Awards Program

One of the core beliefs of the International Association of Advanced Materials is that it is really critical to support and recognize members of the scientific community to inspire good research and great results. The association believes that the scientific elites of the world work very hard and it is important for us to reward and recognize them for this hard work from time to time. With this belief, International Association of Advanced Materials organizes felicitation ceremonies in all its events and conferences to honour researchers, scientists, and professionals with the most prestigious accolades and honours.

IAAM realizes and values the tons of hard work and time that people put into conducting research on rapidly advancing fields like advanced materials and therefore, the association strives to honour the best researchers and scientific minds to inspire young and upcoming professionals to take up science as a long-term career and to conduct world-class research. It is the sincerest hope of IAAM that by conferring these prestigious honours upon members of the scientific community, we can spread an interest among people for the scientific fields of advanced materials and spread it all around the world.

In an attempt to uphold and strengthen the quality of work done in various contemporary research fields, IAAM honours the delegates of its conferences and researchers with the following awards and accolades: