IAAM Young Scientist Medal

As part of its attempt to recognize the hard work of all the scientists and researchers, IAAM honours the young and early career researchers working the field of materials science and technology on a regular basis. The prestigious medal is awarded to those early career researchers who display a high merit and potential to conduct excellent research in the future in the field of Materials Science, Engineering, and Technology. This award comprises of a citation and a medal. By honouring the researchers in the most initial stage of their career, International Association of Advanced Materials hopes to motivate and inspire them for a healthy and long-lasting career.


The IAAM Young Scientist Medal is meant for the researchers who have just started on their path to working for the betterment of the scientific world. It is awarded to individuals who have been successful to make a positive mark in the industry and sphere of materials science in the little time that they have spent. Each and every individual around the world who has conducted some research and is in the initial phase of his/her career can be eligible for this token of honour and potential.

Selection Procedure:

International Association of Advanced Materials constitutes a dedicated awards committee. This committee looks after the shortlisting of the awardees for all the honours and awards that IAAM confers upon its delegates. In the last years, IAAM has awarded hundreds of young and upcoming researchers with this highly prestigious medal. As a result, the association has valued their contributions to the world of science and motivated these researchers to work harder. All the recipients of this valuable medal are required to deliver an award lecture at the assembly of Advanced Materials Congress as part of which the award assembly is organized.