Advanced Materials Congress


Advanced Materials Congress (AMC) is a flagship conference in the field of materials science, engineering and technology organized by the International Association of Advanced Materials. The AMC offers international interdisciplinary platforms for the students, researchers, academicians and business giants to confer the recent trends of advanced materials and technology.

AMC has actively created a global forum in all the continents including Asia, Europe, Australia, Africa and USA for the advancement of materials to global excellence and till now, IAAM has hosted over 12000 delegates from 100+ countries in its past assemblies.

With the glory of previous extremely successful assemblies, advanced materials congress series is now proud to announce the Silver Jubilee Assembly of AMC on the Functional Materials Science, Engineering and Technology, which will be held during 24 - 27 March 2019 in Stockholm (Sweden) and Helsinki (Finland) while cruising across the Baltic Sea.

The Silver Jubilee assembly of AMC explores the recent progress in the field of functional materials’ research and innovations. The interactive discussions and technical sessions will emphasis on “Recent progress in the functional materials - A substantial move towards the new age innovation and technology”. The conferences will encompass with plenary, keynote and invited lectures with the series of oral and poster presentations to nurture the materials’ research for the industry.

Congress Assemblies

Hosted delegates, speakers, young researchers and students from countries

22nd Assembly
22nd Assembly Advanced Materials Congress | IAAM

09 – 12 Oct, 2018

21st Assembly
21st Assembly Advanced Materials Congress | IAAM

03 – 06 Sept, 2018

20th Assembly
20th Assembly Advanced Materials Congress | IAAM

20 – 23 Aug, 2018

19th Assembly
19th Assembly Advanced Materials Congress | IAAM

03 – 06 June, 2018

18th Assembly
18th Assembly Advanced Materials Congress | IAAM

25 – 28 Mar, 2018

17th Assembly
17th Assembly Advanced Materials Congress | IAAM

05 – 08 Feb, 2018