Another Efficacious Conference-European Advanced Materials Congress 2018

Stockholm the city where Nobel Prizes are awarded annually is also home to the European Advanced Materials Congress (EAMC). In 2018, EAMC took place during 20 – 23 August 2018 where more than 200 speakers from 63 different countries spoke about advanced materials innovations and technology to an esteemed and attentive audience.

Goals of the EAMC

The European Advanced Materials Congress brings together leading minds from the field of Advanced Materials Science, Innovation and Technology to a single forum where an exchange of ideas and truly global networking can take place. In addition to exchanging ideas, participants also discuss which developments are likely to have an impact on the future on their specialized fields. By bringing together the best minds in their respective fields, EAMC allows participants to envision together the future Advancement of Materials in a collaborative and multidisciplinary atmosphere.

Leading minds from the field of Advanced Materials | IAAM

The EAMC – 2018

The primary purpose of the 20th assembly of Advanced Materials Congress was to explore recent advances in materials science, engineering and technology and its relation to new age tools and innovations in nanosystems, energy, environment, infrastructure and healthcare. The congress began with a discussion on novel approaches for sustainable materials design including novel approaches for the synthesis of new materials and then proceeded towards evaluating such novel approaches in the development of novel technology to empower society. This year EAMC was successful in fulfilling a few secondary goals as it promoted translational research for industries and technology for use in the market which would thereby facilitate an exchange of information between academia and industry using a global platform.

Symposia in the EAMC 2018

During the EAMC 2018, parallel symposia were also conducted on Nano Energy, Global Graphene Forum and Advanced Materials Innovations. The Nano Energy symposia provided a platform for advanced materials scientists to exchange scientific information in the developing areas of Energy and provided an opportunity for the scientists to build relationships and to collaborate in the future in this exciting field. The other parallel symposia “Global Graphene Forum” successfully covered the latest technological developments, applications, commercialization processes, end-user requirements and challenges on Graphene and other two-dimensional materials.  The “Advanced Materials Innovations” symposia were organized to shed light on recent innovations and on the market for materials for the concept of innovative procurement.  Numerous discussions on the modern, dynamic and fast-moving market for advanced materials and new challenges for academia, researchers, and society with respect to increasing profitability were informally held during this symposium.

Symposia for advanced materials scientists | IAAM

IAAM Awards during the EAMC

During the felicitation ceremony, to recognize notable and outstanding contributions in the advancement of materials, International Association of Advanced Materials proudly honoured eminent researchers with the Advanced Materials Laureate, European Advanced Materials award, Nano Award, Energy Award, IAAM medal and IAAM Scientist Medal. The Young Scientist Medal was also awarded during the IAAM felicitation ceremony to promote young and talented researchers from academia and industries. The selection of the award was done by a duly constituted awards committee.

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