Advanced Materials Laureate

International Association of Advanced Materials honors pioneer researchers with the Advanced Materials Laureate for their notable and outstanding contributions to the advancement of materials for global excellence. Advanced Materials Laureate is considered one of the highest honors for a researcher working in a diverse background, either from Physical, Chemical, Biological, Engineering, Mathematical and Medical Sciences along with their substantial contribution towards research perspective, expanding education, promoting materials research and its applications at a global standard, mentoring professionals and series of advancements on the related topics.

Across the world, any researcher meets the criteria is eligible for this award. The award is felicitated based on contributions made through work done during the twenty years preceding from the year of the award.

Selection Procedure

The selections for the IAAM awards are done by a duly constituted awards committee and the awards are given to the awardees at the assembly of Advanced Materials Congress. It is mandatory for the laureate to deliver a laureate lecture at the upcoming assembly of Advanced Materials Congress.