IAAM Congresses in the year 2020

By the end of the year 2019, IAAM had already organized as many as 31 international Advanced Materials Congresses all over the world. The association has taken the flagship conference to different continents like North America, Asia, and Europe. In all of these conferences, the International Association of Advanced Materials has hosted more than 15,000 renowned researchers, scientists, and business executives from as many as 120 countries of the world. More than 1000 thematic sessions on a wide range of topic related to advanced materials have been organized during these conferences. As the organizations steps into this new decade, it also marks ten years of the Advanced Materials Congress. In this new beginning, IAAM hopes to work forward with a lot of enthusiasm to help facilitate the enhancement of the scientific world. The organization plans to organize a number of conferences that will cover a lot of critical fields of study. Moreover, it is the sincerest hope of IAAM to take the prestigious Advanced Materials Conference to all the continents of the world and to infuse a progressive advancement in the local scientific communities of these places. In order to accomplish this goal, IAAM has lined up as many as 7 international conferences to organize in the year 2020.

Advanced Materials World Congress, Sydney (32nd AMC)

Beginning the year 2020, International Association of Advanced Materials expanded its horizon by taking the prestigious platform of Advanced Materials Congress to the continent of Australia for the very first time.

Advanced Materials World Congress was hosted in Sydney, Australia from 02 to 05 February in the year 2020. The congress was specially designed and planned to expand the knowledge of advanced materials and to infuse an interest of the same, in the Australian continent. This conference offered an interdisciplinary forum of a wide variety of subject areas such as nanomaterials & nanotechnology, electric, magnetic, and optical materials, functional materials, energy materials, and many more. The congress ran with as many as eight thematic sessions that included 19 keynote/invited lectures delivered by scientific elites. Also, the congress proved to be an amazing carnival of materials science and technology as it was attended by renowned scientists, researchers, and professionals from as many as 39 countries all over the globe. With extensive opportunities of global networking coupled with the cruise hospitality and beautiful views of Australian archipelago, the conference provided a once-in-a-lifetime experience to the delegates. Moreover, the 32nd assembly provided the great beginning that the International Association of Advanced Materials was willing to achieve to begin this new decade.