IAAM Congresses in the initial years (2011 to 2015)

In the initial years of its existence, the International Association of Advanced Materials grew with a rapid pace of advancement and grew exponentially. Although the association was fairly new in the industry and the sphere of materials science, it made a huge leap of advancement in terms of establishing its network globally. IAAM, as an organization, established its initiatives to work towards the advancement of materials to global excellence. It is a matter of great pleasure for the organization to announce that in its initial years, it achieved all the goals and objectives that it had laid out for itself and worked even beyond. From 2011 to 2015, IAAM established a name for itself and grew to become one of the most significant organizations working in the materials science industry. In these years, IAAM organized several assemblies of its flagship event, Advanced Materials Congress. All these assemblies created a surge in the awareness about materials science and technology among the audiences all across the globe.

As a result of organizing all these important and interdisciplinary conferences in the initial years, it took little time for IAAM to establish a globally recognized forum where researchers, scientists, and professionals from around the world could come together and share their ideas and showcase their research in front of their peers. Through these conferences, IAAM provided the global materials science community the perfect setting to engage in discussion and discuss the latest developments in the field of advanced materials science, engineering, and technology.

The international conferences that the International Association of Advanced Materials organized from 2011 to 2015 are listed below:

Advanced Materials World Congress (AMWC 2015)

Advanced Materials World Congress was a four-day international event organized from 23-26 August, 2015 by IAAM. The congress was organized by the association with an aim to provide the ideal platform for researchers and engineers coming from academia and industry from across the globe to present their research results in the field of materials science and technology. The congress was designed to be truly interdisciplinary and covered the full span of advanced materials ranging from nano to micro and from composite to ceramic and even optical and bio. There were several key application areas that were covered in this area. Some of them were biodevices, energy, electronics, and constructional materials. The event also paid special attention to the environment and green materials wherever there was scope.

Besides, as part of the Advanced Materials World Congress, IAAM also organized as many as four parallel symposiums. These were the European Graphene Forum, Biosensors and Bioelectronics Symposium, Smart Energy Technologies, and World Technology Forum. The aim of these parallel sessions organized as part of the AMWC was to inspire new research avenues and scientific discoveries.

The AMWC 2015 was attended by as many as 400 delegates from all around the world. The congress ran with as many as 26 sessions with four parallel symposiums and three poster sessions including 3 plenary talks, 26 keynote lectures, 22 invited lectures, 135 oral presentations, and many other events.

Advanced Materials World Congress (AMWC 2013)

The Advanced Materials World Congress was organized in the beautiful coastal town of Cesme, Turkey during 16-19 September 2013. This congress was facilitated with an aim to bring together leading academic scientists, engineers, industry researchers, and students to stimulate the exchange of their experiences and research results about all the aspects of materials science and technology. The conference was also a forum to discuss the practical challenges encountered and the various solutions that have been adopted and also paid a special attention to the interdisciplinary research of advanced materials.

The AMWC 2013 ran with as many as ten parallel sessions, which covered different topics and fields of study such as: Polymers, Biomaterials, Energy Harvesting materials and energy-transfer materials, optical and electronic materials, magnetic materials, structural materials, composite materials, constructional materials, nano materials, environmental and green materials. This conference received as many as 600 abstracts and ran with four plenary and as many as 30 invited talks that were delivered by distinguished scientists from around the world.

International Conference on Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology (ICNANO 2011)

International Conference on Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology was four-day international event organized in New Delhi, India, from 18 to 21 December, 2011. This four-day interdisciplinary conference was organized by IAAM in order to provide a forum for high-tech materials and to ignite a surge in their manufacturing activities, especially in India. The conference was a massive success as it was attended by hundreds of researchers, professionals, scientists, and business executives from countries all over the glove. Since the conference was attended by such esteemed group of delegates, it generated a lot of ideas and proved to be highly successful in igniting an awareness in the local materials science community. It ran with several parallel sessions, invited talks, plenary lectures, and a good number of presentations.

Advanced Materials World Congress (AMWC 2011)

Advanced Materials World Congress 2011 was the first ever international materials science conference organized by the International Association of Advanced Materials. The three-day international event was organized by IAAM in collaboration with Jinan University, China from 13-16 May 2011.

This was the congress that put the International Association of Advanced Materials on the map of the world of materials science and technology. This first assembly of the Advanced Materials Congress was attended by as many as 1200 delegates from all over the world. The best brains of the advanced materials science community from around the world to grace the beginning of this prestigious platform with their presence. The conference ran with multiple sessions and each session was focused on one particular area of the advanced materials. The aim of the conference was to focus on the major developments that have taken place in the rapidly advancing field of Advanced Materials and Engineering. The congress achieved all aims and objectives and even beyond and turned out be the exact stepping stone that the International Association of Advanced Materials was looking for, to begin their journey.

By organizing these highly interdisciplinary conferences right in the early years of its existence, International Association of Advanced Materials had laid out the perfect foundation for a glorious and path-breaking future. As a result, the organization has successfully established a name for itself today in the materials science community.