IAAM Awards During the year 2019

The year 2019 proved to be a significant milestone in the journey of International Association of Advanced Materials towards facilitating the advancement of materials to global excellence. The association touched new heights and set new standards for the materials science community. The IAAM network, which was already one of the highest in the world, grew to become even larger. As the association grew in this year, it kept working forward with its idea of honouring and recognizing researchers for the extensive hard work that they put in. As part of all the events and conferences that IAAM organized in the year 2019, the association honoured a large number of scientists and researchers from all around the world. The association organized seven highly interdisciplinary international conferences in the year and honoured hundreds of researchers with the highest honours of the field.

Major IAAM Awards (2019)

Prof. Enge Wang : Researcher of the Year 2019

The 2019 awardee for the prestigious title of ‘Researcher of the Year’ was Prof. Enge Wang, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Peking University, China. Professor Wang is the President of the renowned institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences and President Emeritus of Peking University, China. Over the years, he has been one of the leading contributors to the areas of Surface Physics and nanotechnology research. One of the biggest contributions that he has made is the development of the Reaction-Limited-Aggregation (RLA) which is the opposite of the conventional Diffusion-Limited-Aggregation (DLA) production model. It gives a description of the morphological evolution of two-dimensional islands in the presence of a surfactant. Moreover, his work on the water-surface coupling and the strength of the hydrogen bonds at the interfaces has given rise to a fundamental understanding of water on surface at the molecular level. The list of Prof. Wang’s achievements is quite long. In simple words, he has made vast contributions as a scientist, academician, educationist, and researcher to the entire nanotechnology community by developing various novel nanomaterials. Prof. Wang has been recognized with a number of international and national academic honors and awards for his excellent academic and research contributions: Outstanding Research Student Award (1988), Young Research Award (1996), Young Scientist Award (1997), Achievement in Asia Award (2003), IBM faculty Award (2003), National Science and Technology Awards (2004), The Third World Academy of Sciences Prize (2005), The Humboldt Research Award (2005), Outstanding Science and Technology Achievement Prize (2005), TWAS Award in Physics (2005), Best Invited Speaker (2007), Distinguished Lecturer (2007), The Stanford GCEP Scholar (2009), Distinguished Science and Technology Awards (2010), IMNI Distinguished Lecturership in Nanoscience (2012), Tan Kah Kee Science Award in Mathematics and Physics (2014), and Advanced Materials Laureate (2018) being few of the most esteemed.

Advanced Materials Laureate 2019 :

Professor Herbert Gleiter, Germany

Advanced Materials Laureate is one of the biggest honours that IAAM confers upon researchers and scientists of the sphere of advanced materials. This coveted honour is awarded to the deserving minds who make some pioneering progress and help in stimulating the advancement of materials. It is a title awarded to people who conduct some ground-breaking research and explore an untrodden path of science and shed light on it.

This year, the title of ‘Advanced Materials Laureate’ was awarded to renowned scientist, Professor Herbert Gleiter, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany.

Prof. Gleiter is a revolutionary researcher of the world of nanoscience and his work is primarily focused on the application of nanotechnology, studying nanoglasses, which is a new class of non-crystalline nanomaterials. He also focuses on the transition between classical physics and quantum physics.

In the year 1970, Prof. Gleiter demonstrated a new class of materials: nano-crystalline materials. Later in his career, in the year 1989, he initiated the development of a new class of non-crystalline solids, called nanoglasses. These nanoglasses possess new properties that differ from those of today’s glasses and thus, lead to a range of novel applications that pave the way for a lot of new technologies.

In the last three decades, Prof Gleiter has conducted some ground-breaking research in nanoscience and nanotechnology. With this discovery and development of new materials, his work is bound to have long-lasting positive consequences not just for the scientific line of enquiries, but also for the daily life of human beings in the future.IAAM honoured Prof. Herbert Gleiter with this prestigious title in the Asian Advanced Materials Congress 2019 held in Singapore.

Advanced Materials Laureate 2019:

Dr. Frank Engelke, Germany

In the 27th assembly of Advanced Materials Congress organized by International Association of Advanced Materials in Stockholm, Sweden from 11 to 14 August 2019, the association honoured as many as 30 researchers from all over the wold with the most prestigious awards and accolades.

In this assembly, IAAM awarded Dr. Frank Engelke with the title of ‘Advanced Materials Laureate’. Dr. Eglenke delivered an Advanced Materials Laureate Lecture on the topic: “Recent developments in solid-state DNP MAS NMR instrumentation”. In this talk, the speaker described the progress in Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (DNP) instrumentation and methodology and suggested key factors in the recent growth of solid-state DNP NMR applications. The speaker reviewed the current state of the art of solid-state DNP NMR instrumentation, particularly focusing on solid-state NMR probe technology. A DNP system overview was given, including options for microwave sources and DNP NMR probes. He focused on some specific developments for DNP at 100 K with magic angle spinning (MAS).

European Advanced Materials Awardee 2019 :

Prof Herbert Pfnuer

As part of the 27th assembly of AMC, IAAM honoured Prof Herbert Pfneur from Institute of Solid State Physics, Leibniz University of Hannover, Germany, with the European Advanced Materials Award. He also delivered a lecture on the topic: “Quasi-one dimensional arrays of atomic wires: A new route to nano-optoelectronics?”. In this talk, the professor demonstrated that the embedding environment contributes crucially to the electronic properties in these systems that lead to dimensional crossover, as consistently predicted by the DFT calculations. In his study, adsorption of atomic hydrogen and oxidation was tested. It turned out that these systems are surprisingly robust against oxidation.

American Advanced Materials Award 2019

In the year 2019, IAAM also honoured two worthy and deserving researchers with ‘American Advanced Materials Award’. These two eminent researchers are Prof. Ramesh K. Agarwal, Washington University in St. Louis, USA, and Prof. Yi Lung Mo, University of Houston, USA. These awards were conferred upon these two researchers at the 31st assembly of Advanced Materials Congress held in Orlando, USA.

Prof. Ramesh K. Agarwal is currently the William Palm Professor of Engineering at Washington University in St. Louis. He is an elected Fellow of 22 prestigious societies ASME, IEEE, AIAA, Royal Aeronautical Society, etc. for his extraordinary research contributions. He has received many prestigious honors and awards like ASME Honorary Fellowship (2017), Royal Aeronautical Society Honorary Fellowship (2016), SAE International Medal of Honor (2015), AIAA Reeds Aeronautics Award (2015), etc. Prof. Agarwal is one of the forerunners of the technologies related to ‘Green Transportation’, Computational Materials Science and Manufacturing, Geo-mechanics, and their applications to industrial problems in mechanical and aerospace engineering. During the 31st assembly of Advanced Materials Congress, Prof. Agarwal delivered an American Advanced Materials Award Lecture on “Environmentally Responsible Sustainable ‘Green’ Composites”.

Prof. Yi Lung Mo is a John and Rebecca Moores Professor at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, the University of Houston (UH), USA. He is also Chair Professor at the College of Urban and Infrastructure Research, Tsinghua University, China. Prof. Mo is one of the pioneers in multi-resolution analytical simulations, network analysis, large-scale concrete structure testing, and field investigations of the response of advanced materials and structures. During the 31st assembly of Advanced Materials Congress, Prof. Mo delivered an American Advanced Materials Award Lecture about “Periodic Metamaterials for Vibration Isolation of Engineering Structures”.


In the multiple events and conferences that IAAM organized in the year 2019, the association honoured approximately 200 researchers, scientists, and technocrats from all over the world. Out of these 200 researchers, approximately 15 received the prestigious IAAM Medals, 10 received IAAM Scientist Medals, as many as 22 received the IAAM Award, and several others were honoured with other prestigious honours.

International Association of Advanced Materials takes immense pride in having honoured these elite members of the materials science community with these awards and titles. The association hopes that these recognitions would have motivated the other members of the community of materials science to pursue research on a long-term basis and work for the advancement of materials to global excellence.