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Advanced Materials Congress 2020 - 2021 | IAAM

The health safety of the delegates who attend our upcoming congresses in 2020 and 2021 has always been of the highest priority for us at International Association of Advanced Materials (IAAM). In the time of this global COVID-19 pandemic, this issue of safety of our delegates has become even more important for us. IAAM has always prided itself on the health safe and secure highly interactive hospitality measures that it takes in order to ensure the elevated comfort of the delegates. Keeping the same spirit alive, IAAM is taking all the necessary measures and steps to maintain the paramount health safety of the delegates who attend our upcoming congresses in 2020 and 2021. IAAM initiatives in the fight against COVID-19 can read at https://www.iaamonline.org/covid-19.

It is with extreme delight that IAAM announces that conference centre at Viking Line, the fleet of which has always been the venue of IAAM Congresses, has successfully been assessed and certified as meeting the readiness level required to function in the time of COVID-19 and to manage risks in workplaces. This assessment has been carried out by the classification society DNV GL with the My Care method. With this assessment, the Viking Line has become the first shipping group in the entire world to have been certified as COVID-19 ready.

Safe and Secure upcoming IAAM Congresses

International Association of Advanced Materials organizes regular events and conferences with the motto of ‘Advancement of Materials to Global Excellence’. These events are organized on the unparalleled concept of ‘Knowledge Experience at Sea’, which places all the delegates aboard a sea vessel to optimize the quality of interactions and scientific discussions. In order to ensure the health safety of all our esteemed delegates who arrive from different parts of the world, IAAM is going to take all the health safety measures implement all the appropriate practices aboard the cruise on which IAAM upcoming congresses in 2020 and 2021 will take place. The certification that Viking Line and its fleet, including MS Mariella has achieved, will serve as an assurance for all the delegates of their safety and health measures in place.

IAAM has modified the format of ‘Knowledge Experience at Sea’ to make all the necessary changes and follow a set of sanitation protocols and cleanliness standards for our delegates:

  • Currently, we are only accepting a limited number of delegates on board. In this way, we can ensure that the distance between all delegates can always be maintained.
  • Extensively clean environment and alcohol-based hand sanitizer provided to all our delegates.
  • Regular reminders to all the delegates to maintain the required distance as well as the importance of washing hands often and in the correct manner.
  • Check-in counters, information counters and registration counters will be equipped with plexiglass protection.
  • Only card payments at the site will be allowed for the time being for hygiene reasons.
  • Increased number of sessions planned with fewer people in each session.
  • There are decals on the floor that indicate that you should keep two meters from the next person.
  • To reduce the movement in the buffet area, an increase has been made in personal service. The tables are already set with cutlery, napkin, wet wipe, water glass, wine glass.
  • The kitchen staff wears a mouth guard, visor, hat, and gloves.

Together, with our efforts, we can organize a safe and secure event. As a participant, we would like to remind you that:

  • Keep a distance from your fellow participants.
  • Only travel in small groups and limit the interaction with new acquaintances.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly and often. Feel free to use the hand disinfection we provide in between.
  • Always cough or sneeze into the armpit.
  • Always carry mask with you along with your conference identity badge provided by us.
  • If you become ill on board, it is suggested that you contact the staff via your cabin telephone. There are always paramedics on board.
  • If you experience the slightest symptoms of illness before the trip - stay at home. We welcome you on board again when you are completely healthy.

Please attend the scheduled IAAM Congresses 2020 and 2021: 

Live Knowledge at Web | IAAM

Live Knowledge at Web

We, at IAAM, also consider the uncertainty that delegates may face around travel restrictions and safety issues related to the pandemic. Therefore, we have initiated a newly conceived concept called “Live Knowledge at Web”.

Live Knowledge at WebTM is a unique format that the leadership of the International Association of Advanced Materials has come up to enable a smoother flow of the chain of scientific knowledge and importance. In this format, IAAM will utilize the virtual space of internet to organize international events pertaining to materials science. The association will utilize this format to bring together the materials science community in a virtual space without them having to travel at all. ‘Live Knowledge at WebTM’ will prove to be an extremely useful tool as it will eliminate the need to travel from the world of scientific research and conferences. In this manner, IAAM will enable experts from around the world to share their expertise and new ideas among their peers without being physically present.

Therefore, if you miss out on attending our events because of travel restrictions in place,
join our WebConferences at: https://www.advancedmaterialscongress.org/web/


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