IAAM’s Global Initiative in Science and Technology of COVID-19

As an international organization actively working in the scientific community, International Association of Advanced Materials is quite concerned in this time of COVID-19 outbreak. The organization has prioritized all its operations in order to make valuable contributions to the materials science community in this time of need.

The organization is quite active in this fight against this deadly disease. IAAM has already organized a multi-lateral consortium to develop medical technology to control the spreading of COVID-19 with the help of interdisciplinary experts from multiple countries. IAAM believes that the adaptation of advanced technologies and their logical integration according to contemporary healthcare measures could be a smart strategy for epidemic management activities. This intensive meeting was organized using a virtual platform to connect different scientists from the world and while keeping in mind the principle of social distancing.

Utilizing Virtual Platforms to Fight COVID-19

In this critical time when the entire world is suffering a break in the supply chain of scientific information, IAAM has stepped up to utilize its virtual infrastructure to continue spreading vital information and knowledge. As part of its COVID-19 action plan, IAAM plans on organizing regular webinars on this critical issue. In these webinars, IAAM will invite experts from all over the world to share their views and findings on this subject. These webinars will provide useful information to people around the world and prove to be highly beneficial. IAM will utilize its already established platforms and infrastructure to facilitate virtual knowledge sharing and networking. This will help the community of materials science to function smoothly without any interruption because of COVID-19. Also, by organizing these webinars and online lectures, IAAM will educate people and provide them scientific knowledge on how to deal with COVID-19. Besides this, IAAM will use this virtual sharing to bring the scientific community together. It is critical for the global scientific community at this time to be come together as one. These webinars will promote scientific networking and cooperation in this time of dire need. By promoting networking at this time, IAAM will increase the chances of finding some solution to this deadly disease. Moreover, IAAM has decided to organize regular consortiums on novel coronavirus in all its conferences in the near future. The organization will leverage the presence of some of the world’s best scientific minds into generating ideas on how to tackle this pandemic. These high quality consortiums will help generate valuable insights on solving this global problem. Apart from this, IAAM has made sure that all its publication activities are running smoothly. In these crucial times, it is more important than ever for people around the world to have access to latest knowledge. There is an urgent need to make sure the transfer of knowledge and resources to address this great challenge. IAAM is keeping up with the pace and providing abundant sources of knowledge even at this time. Our journals, books, and other publishing initiatives are working effectively in order to make sure that there is no delay. The access to all these services is absolutely unaffected for the readers. Therefore, if any of you rely on our journals for vital research, the COVID-19 outbreak will have absolutely no impact on the accessibility to knowledge.

COVID Council

In order to gather support and devise new measures to fight the novel coronavirus, IAAM has also constituted a COVID Council. The council will have participation of scientists, researchers, corona warriors, and policymakers from more than 25 countries of the world. The council has been constituted to leverage the expertise and potential of the materials science community into planning and developing ways to fight the novel coronavirus. This council will hold several discussions and symposia to discuss how this global pandemic has affected and changed the world in different ways and how this change can be overcome. This COVID Council of IAAM will utilize the expertise of all the members into discussing about the diagnosis, prevention, cure, and possible vaccines to fight and tackle this coronavirus. The council will also review how the global economy has suffered because of the lockdown and the global pandemic and how the world can try to recover from it. Moreover, the committee will also review how the pandemic has had an impact on the world of science and technology. In addition to this, one of the primary jobs of this COVID Council will be to review how the advanced materials community can have a better impact and a more positive contribution to this global war against the novel coronavirus.

IAAM’s Support Measures

World Health Organization has already declared the novel coronavirus COVID-19 a pandemic. The virus has given birth to a global healthcare crisis and has posed many challenges in front of the world. We would like to express our serious concern for the health and safety of each and every one of the 15000+ members of the IAAM family and everyone around the world. We hope that all of us stay safe and healthy during this extraordinary time.

Many countries around the world have imposed various restrictions in order to limit the social contact and contain the spread of this deadly virus. The safety and well-being of our community is our first priority. IAAM completely supports these measures and hopes for a speedy recovery for every infected person around the world.

Moreover, International Association of Advanced Materials advises all its members and others around the world to take all the necessary precautions. We request the people to avoid indulging in any activity that requires social contact, especially in areas affected by this virus. Maximizing the use of all our online resources should be the priority at this time. These are tough times indeed and IAAM believes that mutual global cooperation at this time is the most effective path to a better future. However, the organization continues to work on its mission to use materials science for the betterment of society even in these times.

COVID Congresses

International Association of Advanced Materials has decided to leverage its vast network of events and conferences into creating awareness about COVID-19 and discussing about the possible ways to target this. In order to do so, IAAM has already scheduled two ‘COVID Congresses’ in the year 2020.

The 1st edition of COVID Congress will be held in Stockholm, Sweden, from 26 to 28 August 2020. The second edition of this initiative will be held from 27 to 29 October, 2020. These congresses will provide an international forum for policymakers from academia, government agencies, researchers, scientists, and students from around the world to come together and share their knowledge regarding the novel coronavirus. The conferences will create a setting for these experts to discuss sustainable approaches that can help control the spreading of coronavirus and also help prevent it. Moreover, they will also allow for the discussion on the global scenario of healthcare technology, health policies around the world, the developed methodologies to fight against novel diseases, and much more. Through these conferences, IAAM will present the opportunity to individuals and organizations from around the world to form collaborations, indulge in networking, and look for solutions.

Special issue on COVID-19

International Association of Advanced Materials has also decided to release a special issue of their flagship international scientific journal, Advanced Materials Letters, specially dedicated to the novel Coronavirus. The organization realizes that scientists around the world are working hard to develop a possible cure for the disease. At this time, the sharing of information is more important than ever. This Special issue is an attempt in this direction only, as it will encourage researchers to share their research, experiences, and all the knowledge related to this outbreak. All the articles of this special issue will be related to COVID-19 and will be readily available to all the readers, as the journal works on the model of Diamond Open Access. IAAM hopes that this special issue will bring together relevant research and help the world fight this global pandemic more effectively.