IAAM Investigator Award 2019

Dr. Gerard Berginc | IAAM

Dr. Gerard Berginc

THALES Optronics Division, France

Dr. Berginc is currently serving as the Chief Scientist, Manager of Advanced Research and Technology at THALES Optronics Division. In the year 2015, he was named the Chairman of OPTITEC. Dr. Berginc’s has been involved in the field of scattering theory for over thirty years and his research activities include electromagnetic scattering, quantum confinement, nano-optics, plasmonics, new imaging techniques and nanostructured thin films. He is a fellow member of the Electromagnetics Academy (Cambridge, USA). He is also the author of more than 250 refereed journal articles, conference papers, book chapters, and holder of more than 80 patents. Dr. Gerard Berginc is also the Vice-President of the Scientific Evaluation Committee “Nanomaterial and Nanotechnology” of the French National Agency of Research. He was awarded “Disruptive Technology” Prize in 2014 by the French Business Federation.

Dr. Jun Hayakawa | IAAM

Dr. Jun Hayakawa

Hitachi, Center for Exploratory Research, Japan

Dr. Hayakawa is the Chief Researcher at Hitachi Ltd. Research & Development Group, Center for Exploratory Research, Japan. He is widely known for the extensive and high-quality research that he has conducted in the areas of Quantum physics and related materials; especially, energy conversion materials such as thermoelectric materials, spin dependent transport properties, and devices such as tunnel magneto resistive devices. Dr. Hayakawa has authored or co-authored as many as 86 articles of international journals including “nature materials” and “Science Advances”. Some of his articles have citation scores more than 6500. He is a member of many prestigious scientific societies such as the Thermoelectrics Society of Japan, the Japan Society of Applied Physics, the Magnetics Society of Japan. Moreover, he has been the recipient to many awards, such as the Young Researcher's Award from the Magnetics Society of Japan (1999) and Best Paper Award from Thermoelectrics Society of Japan (2018).