Researcher of the Year 2019

Prof. Enge Wang

Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Professor Wang is the President of the renowned institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences and President Emeritus of Peking University, China. Over the years, he has been one of the leading contributors to the areas of Surface Physics and nanotechnology research. One of the biggest contributions that he has made is the development of the Reaction-Limited-Aggregation (RLA) which is the opposite of the conventional Diffusion-Limited-Aggregation (DLA) production model. It gives a description of the morphological evolution of two-dimensional islands in the presence of a surfactant. Moreover, his work on the water-surface coupling and the strength of the hydrogen bonds at the interfaces has given rise to a fundamental understanding of water on surface at the molecular level. The list of Prof. Wang’s achievements is quite long. In simple words, he has made vast contributions as a scientist, academician, educationist, and researcher to the entire nanotechnology community by developing various novel nanomaterials.

Prof. Wang has been recognized with a number of international and national academic honors and awards for his excellent academic and research contributions: Outstanding Research Student Award (1988), Young Research Award (1996), Young Scientist Award (1997), Achievement in Asia Award (2003), IBM faculty Award (2003), National Science and Technology Awards (2004), The Third World Academy of Sciences Prize (2005), The Humboldt Research Award (2005), Outstanding Science and Technology Achievement Prize (2005), TWAS Award in Physics (2005), Best Invited Speaker (2007), Distinguished Lecturer (2007), The Stanford GCEP Scholar (2009), Distinguished Science and Technology Awards (2010), IMNI Distinguished Lecturership in Nanoscience (2012), Tan Kah Kee Science Award in Mathematics and Physics (2014), and Advanced Materials Laureate (2018) being few of the most esteemed. Prof. Wang has authored and co-authorednas many as 300 papers in peer-reviewed journals and has delivered lectures and talks in more than 100 international events worldwide.