Advanced Materials Congress 2020

Advanced Materials Congress, AMC, is the flagship congress assembly organized by the International Association of Advanced Materials. This is one of the most prominent congress assemblies in the sphere of materials science and technology, started by IAAM in the year 2011 to provide a prestigious platform to the active and upcoming materials science researchers, scientists, professionals, and business giants where they could come together and discuss the latest trends and developments in the scientific world. Ever since then, AMC has stimulated intensive discussions and facilitated the advancement of materials to global excellence.

Going through the year 2020, IAAM had already organized as many as 32 Advanced Materials Congresses, which were attended by more than 15,000 delegates from more than 100 countries with the participation of around 2500 leading organization from both academia and industry. Around 1000 thematic sessions on various topics of advanced materials have been organized during the past Advanced Materials congresses and their symposia. Stepping into this new decade, IAAM plans on taking the prestigious platform of AMC to all continents of the world in 2020. Moreover, the organization intends to focus these international assemblies on all different kinds of subject areas of advanced materials science, engineering and technology.

As IAAM enters this new decade, the Advanced Materials Congress marks ten years of its existence [1]. Ever since the inception, the Advanced Materials Congress has been on a constant rise in terms of the quality and reach. Having hosted the best scientific minds from all over the world in these ten years, the Advanced Materials Congress has absolutely redefined the way networking happens in the sphere of advanced materials. It has given birth to an unprecedented and unparalleled range of opportunities for all the students, researchers, and everyone associated with the world of advanced materials science, engineering, and technology.

Advanced Materials Congress: The largest Network of Advanced Materials

By the end of the year 2019, IAAM had organized as many as 31 International Advanced Material Congresses in different parts of the world such as North America, Asia, and Europe [2]. In these conferences, the organization has hosted more than 15,000 renowned researchers, scientists, students, professionals, and business executives from as many as 120 countries of the world. In this new decade, IAAM hopes to work forward with new zeal and enthusiasm for the betterment of the scientific world [1,2]. The organization plans to organize a number of international conferences that will cover all the critical fields and spheres of science. Also, IAAM plans on taking this noble pursuit to all the continents of the world and stimulate a progressive surge in the local scientific communities of these places. To achieve this goal, International Association of Advanced Materials has lined up 07 international conferences for 2020, scheduled to take place in different parts of the world (Fig. 1) [3].

Fig. 1. The AMC assemblies expedite contemporary research fields of Advanced Materials Science, Engineering, and Technology by creating world largest networks of multi-inter-trans-disciplinary research, innovation, and technology.

32nd assembly of Advanced Materials Congress in Sydney, Australia

To begin the year 2020, IAAM expanded the wings of Advanced Materials Congress by taking the prestigious platform to Australia for the very first time (Fig. 2). IAAM hosted Advanced Materials World Congress, the 32nd assembly of AMC in Sydney, Australia from 02 to 05 February 2020 [4]. The congress was specially designed and planned to expand the knowledge of advanced materials and to infuse an interest of the same, in the Australian continent. This conference offered an interdisciplinary forum of a wide variety of subject areas such as nanomaterials & nanotechnology, electric, magnetic, and optical materials, functional materials, energy materials, and many more.

Fig. 2. Group photo of invited speakers of 32nd assembly of Advanced Materials Congress, hosted in Sydney, Australia during 02 – 05 February 2020.

The congress ran with as many as eight thematic sessions that included 19 keynote/invited lectures delivered by scientific elites. Also, the congress proved to be an amazing carnival of materials science and technology as it was attended by renowned scientists, researchers, and professionals from as many as 39 countries all over the globe. With extensive opportunities of global networking coupled with the cruise hospitality and beautiful views of Australian archipelago, the conference provided a once-in-a-lifetime experience to the delegates. Moreover, the 32nd assembly provided the great beginning that the International Association of Advanced Materials was willing to achieve to begin this new decade.

33rd assembly of Advanced Materials Congress in Stockholm, Sweden

In the month of March 2020, IAAM will organize the 33rd Assembly of AMC, the Advanced Functional Materials Congress from 23 to 25 March in the city of Nobel: Stockholm, Sweden. This assembly will be solely focused on the Functional Materials and will provide a great opportunity to explore the industrial applications of these materials [5]. Moreover, this 33rd AMC has been designed to provide an interdisciplinary experience by presenting an amalgamation of different fields such as Battery Materials and Technology, Ceramic and Dielectric Materials, Smart Materials, Functional Materials, etc. There is another parallel event i.e. European Healthcare Materials & Technology Congress, which will be focused on the healthcare materials and all the technologies related to healthcare sectors (Fig. 3) [6].

Fig. 3. Banners from the 33rd assembly of Advanced Materials Congress.

34th assembly of Advanced Materials Congress in Stockholm, Sweden

Moving forward into the year, IAAM will organize the European Composite Materials Congress, the 34th assembly of AMC, in Stockholm, Sweden [7].

Fig. 4. Banners from the 34th assembly of Advanced Materials Congress.

As the name suggests, this conference will bring together scientists and researchers from around the world to dig into a relatively less-explored area of materials, i.e. Composite Materials. The scheduled program of the conference, along with the world-class lectures, will help to discuss the possibilities of increasing translational research and developments in the field of composite materials. Along with composite materials, the conference will also present an amalgamation of Graphene and 2D Materials and Biosensors & Bioelectronic Materials. There is another parallel event i.e. European Carbon Materials & Technology Congress, which will be focused on the all the carbonaceous materials and all the technologies related to carbon materials (Fig. 4) [8].

35th AMC, European Advanced Materials Congress in Stockholm, Sweden

The 35th assembly of AMC, European Advanced Materials Congress will be organized in Stockholm, Sweden and will explore the recent progresses in the field of advanced materials research, science, engineering, and technology [9]. The program of the congress has been designed in a way that this assembly will focus on materials knowledge and discoveries that can empower society. Also, the congress will provide an interdisciplinary experience to the delegates and provide opportunities for unlimited advancement and global networking. The congress will help inspire the young European researchers to pursue research as a career (Fig. 5).

Fig. 5. Banner from the 35th assembly of Advanced Materials Congress.

36th assembly of Advanced Materials Congress in Genoa, Italy

With the 36th assembly of AMC, International Association of Advanced Materials will take this prestigious forum and platform to the country of Italy for the very first time. This congress will be organized from 21 to 25 September 2020, onboard a cruise that will sail from Genoa, Italy to Provence, to Barcelona, Spain, and then return to Genoa, Italy (Fig. 6) [10].

Fig. 6. Banner from the 36th assembly of Advanced Materials Congress.

The congress will travel through three countries and take the delegates on a journey of extensive scientific exploration. Also, by organizing this prestigious assembly of Advanced Materials Congress, International Association of Advanced Materials hopes to ignite and promote good-quality research in Italy and the other surrounding countries.

37th AMC, European Advanced Nanomaterials Congress (EuNano) in Stockholm, Sweden

The 37th assembly of AMC, the European Advanced Nanomaterials Congress (EuNano) will be organized in Stockholm, Sweden from 27 to 29 October 2020 [11]. The congress will be focused on nanomaterials and will provide a global platform for the delegates to have interactive discussions on important topics like synthesis, characterization, properties, and applications of advanced nanomaterials. This congress has been planned to try and draw a bridge between members of academia and industry to facilitate the commercialization of research into end-products that can be used by the general public (Fig. 7).

Fig. 7. Banners from the 37th assembly of Advanced Materials Congress.

38th assembly of Advanced Materials Congress in Durban, South Africa

The year 2020 will end for IAAM with the 38th assembly of Advanced Materials Congress, which will be organized during 07-11 December 2020 [12]. With this assembly, IAAM will take the flagship event of Advanced Materials Congress to the continent of Africa for the first time. The congress will begin with a cruise sailing from Durban, South Africa, to Maputo, Mozambique, and then all the way back to Durban, South Africa. This congress will create an interdisciplinary environment with an amalgamation of fields like advanced materials, catalysis science, engineering & technology, Sensors & Actuators, High entropy alloy in defense system, and many more
(Fig. 8).

Fig. 8. Banners from the 38th assembly of Advanced Materials Congress.

Moreover, the 38th assembly will also help to induce a high level of interest among the researchers and science students in the continent of Africa.

As part of all these international conferences, IAAM will also organize multiple consortiums. These consortiums will serve as forums to discuss a wide range of important topics and also to facilitate a platform for cooperation among the elites from academia and the world of business [13]. It is the organization’s hope that these consortiums help facilitate the smooth transition of path-breaking research into fruitful products by bridging academia and industry.

Overall, entering into this new decade, International Association of Advanced Materials plans on leaving no stones unturned for the sole purpose of facilitating the advancement of materials to global excellence. The path that IAAM has set for itself involves inspiring the inhabitants of different continents by taking its prestigious international conferences to new places and countries. Also, in the year 2020, IAAM hopes to facilitate discussions on almost all the different types of advanced materials to inspire people and students to take up Advanced Materials as field of study and career. Beginning with this year, IAAM hopes to continue working massively throughout the entire decade to take the sphere of materials science to a new level altogether.



The health and safety of our delegates is our topmost priority. International Association of Advanced Materials, IAAM is monitoring the developments related to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and after meeting with scientific committee, we have decided to merge the 33rd and 34th Assembly of Advanced Materials Congress with European Advanced Materials Congress, 26-28 August 2020. We are following the protocols set by the World Health Organization (WHO), Swedish health authorities, and IAAM’s own Covid-19 Resource Centre. We are working closely with the congress venue to put measures in place to strengthen the hygiene measures, increased sanitisation, awareness and training of all staff and suppliers onboard, daily liaison with the risk assessment teams etc. Please join us in August 2020 to celebrate 10th anniversary of IAAM’s foundation.

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