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International Association of Advanced Materials is a name that needs no introduction in the world of advanced materials. Ever since its establishment in the year 2010, the organization has been working to create an extensively interactive advanced materials community to facilitate collaborations and engagements that could result in the rapid development of the scientific world. The organization works to bring together students, researchers, professionals, and the scientific elites from all over the world to form global and collaborative networks for the betterment of the scientific community. IAAM has the vision to promote the ‘Advancement of materials to global excellence’ and to facilitate the best possible level of interaction in the world of advanced materials. The organization, with the support of VBRI Press, runs a number of not-for-profit open access publication platforms to achieve its aims.

Over the years, IAAM has emerged as a leader in not-for-profit scientific publishing. In fact, it is one of the oldest not-for-profit open access scientific publication houses in the world today. In the same year as its establishment, i.e. 2010, IAAM released Advanced Materials Letters, an open access international scientific journal. Ever since, the journal has been publishing high-quality peer-reviewed articles and papers on material science, engineering and technology. Besides publishing original research and review articles, the journal also offers discussion on various topics and facilitates conversations on highly interdisciplinary topics. Some of the topics that this coveted journal coves are biomaterials and biodevices, magnetic and optical materials, environmental and green materials, drug and gene delivery, molecularly imprinted materials, etc.

After already having taken the world of science by a storm with AML, some years later, IAAM expanded on its attempts by starting Advanced Materials Proceedings, which is another international journal that publishes peer-reviewed conference proceedings and articles from the world of science and technology. The journal publishes articles about all the latest research and innovations in the world of nanotechnology, healthcare, environment, healthcare, and many other fields.

Through these journals and many other initiatives, IAAM has really turned out to be a leading publishing house. Almost a decade after its establishment today, it is the oldest publishing house with open access not-for-profit initiatives. With these initiatives, the organization has made sure that the community of materials science regularly gets to know about all the advances and progresses made in the science world. Since the journals do not charge any subscription fee or publishing fee, they have really created an environment of learning, ideating, and innovation. Moreover, with all its publications, IAAM has been offering world-class platforms to researchers and scientists around the world to showcase their research and hard work in front of the entire scientific community.  The organization also gives the budding researchers and professionals access to the precious articles and research papers written by the best minds and the scientific elite of the world. In a world where knowledge comes at a price, IAAM runs these open-access and not-for-profit publication platforms because the organization believes that financial obstacles should not come in the way of a will to gain knowledge. IAAM’s initiative to provide access to high-quality articles without any subscription fee or processing fee has resulted in the elimination of all the costs associated with the process and improved the accessibility of research drastically.

Cover Photo of Advanced Materials Letters, December 2019 | IAAM

The Cover Photo of Advanced Materials Letters, December 2019 issue is dedicated to Researchers of the Year 2019, Prof. Enge Wang, Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and President Emeritus of Peking University, China.

Today, IAAM is widely recognized as a prestigious scientific organization and receives a huge number of abstracts and articles to be published in its journals and proceedings. One of the reasons behind this prestige has been the leadership of the organization. Dr. Ashutosh Tiwari, Secretary General of IAAM, has always been an advocate for not-for-profit open access scientific publications. It was his dream to make the world of advanced materials more accessible to students, researchers, and professionals and take the sphere of advanced materials to another level. His idea of starting these journals and other initiatives have really put IAAM on the global map in terms of scientific publishing. It has also helped people around the world and make more and more interested in multiple scientific disciplines.

IAAM also organizes various international conferences, events, seminars, symposiums, and much more with the same vision of ‘Advancement of Materials to Global Excellence’. Having already organized 29 extremely successful congress assemblies with around 15000 delegates from around the world and with these renowned publications, the organization is paving the path for the scientific world to reach new glory and heights in the time to come.

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