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The International Association of Advanced Materials (IAAM) was founded with the aim to promote and encourage the advancement of advanced materials to global excellenceThis incurs to build a highly interactive international network, which comprised of students, researchers, professionals from academia & industries and business giants, all of whom worked in the field of advanced materials science, engineering, and technology. The knowledge experience at sea takes the privileges of the IAAM membership program to the next level.

What is IAAM Membership?

IAAM membership is a group of individuals and companies worldwide who actively work towards the advancement of materials for global excellence. Essentially, researchers of three types can become part of this network, which include:

Academic Researchers

A researcher, who is affiliated to an institute, university, or are conducting independent research, can become an IAAM member! By opting to become an IAAM member, these researchers can make use of the facilities and opportunities provided by the Association to help them carry out their research.

Corporate Researchers

At IAAM, we encourage corporate houses that conduct R&D and scientific development of advanced materials to become IAAM members. This membership allows these giants to interact with various professionals across the globe and learn about the advancements and research taking place at other organizations. In this way, various corporate organizations can pool in their research and resources to ensure they get the best findings and results. Moreover, by choosing to become IAAM members, corporate organizations get the opportunity to meet other creative minds who are vested and knowledgeable in this field to discuss the latest developments, need of the hour research and find different opportunities for collaboration.

Student Researchers

Currently, multiple students dedicate their time to research some kind as part of their course. We encourage these young minds to become IAAM members as they will receive guidance and support from a world-class community. Moreover, they also get the opportunity to collaborate with industry experts and professionals who can help them complete their research and give input on the workings of the industry. Also, they get access to peer-reviewed articles and journals that can help them with their research.

Join now for 5 year complimentary membership | IAAM

What does IAAM offer to the members?

IAAM is offering 5 years of complimentary membership on the occasion of 10 anniversary of its establishment, during which all members receive certain benefits due to our efforts to create a global network. While the collective benefit for all is getting knowledge about the industry and the latest advancements from all over the world, we at IAAM give our members benefits that can facilitate scientific innovations and developments. These benefits include:

  • Get the highest opportunity for global networking
  • Avail access to regional forums to interact through IAAM sections
  • Be the first to know about IAAM meeting programs and calls for papers
  • An IAAM member can register to the IAAM Congress with a discounted rate
  • Receive free access IAAM journal’s, books and proceedings
  • Academic and corporate researchers get the opportunity to organize a launch to display their products in IAAM events.

For complimentary membership, please register at the Membership Section

Members receive an elite experience during their collaboration with IAAM, which include:

Knowledge Experience at Sea

IAAM members will be the first to get an update about various meeting programs like the most popular format Knowledge Experience at Sea and calls for papers. By getting first-hand knowledge, members get an opportunity to prepare for their schedules well in advance and ensure they don’t miss any crucial agendas of the events.

One of the largest platforms for global networking

IAAM, through its multiple events, provides one of the world’s largest international platforms for global networking to its members. The organization, over the years, has created the largest community of researchers and scientists. For several years now, IAAM has been addressing and resolving pressing global issues by focusing and taking on technological endeavors. The consistent efforts of the organization have borne fruit and created a positive impact on the upgradation of skills and have facilitated the dissemination of knowledge within the existing infrastructure, especially when it comes to healthcare, energy, water technology, and environmental safety. IAAM provides multiple prestigious platforms to its members where they can come together with the best scientific minds of the world and discuss pressing issues, new research, and ideas, form collaborations, and take a toll on their peers from all over the world.

Dr. Ashutosh Tiwari, Secretary General, IAAM addressing the delegates during the Asian Advanced Materials Congress | IAAM

Dr. Ashutosh Tiwari, Secretary General, IAAM addressing the delegates during the Asian Advanced Materials Congress 2019

Opportunity to nominate researchers and organization for IAAM awards

IAAM believes in recognizing the outstanding contributions that people from the scientific community around the world make. It is our belief that the potential researchers should be encouraged and their achievements should be appreciated. Therefore, in our congresses, we honor individuals and organizations to promote inspiring research and facilitate the advancement of materials to global excellence.

Prof. Herbert Gleiter receiving Advanced Materials Laureate 2019 from Prof. Ashutosh Tiwari | IAAM

Prof. Herbert Gleiter receiving the Advanced Materials Laureate 2019 from Prof. Ashutosh Tiwari during the 30th IAAM Award Assembly

As IAAM members, you get the exclusive opportunity to nominate yourself or your organization for multiple prestigious awards and titles that IAAM confers upon the delegates in its congresses. By sending in a nomination, you can give yourself a chance to be recognized among the best scientific minds of the world. As an IAAM member, you also get the opportunity to nominate fellow researchers that you think deserve to be appreciated, for the IAAM awards honors.

Submit proposals for IAAM symposium

In the congresses and other events, IAAM also organizes symposia that focus on topics ranging from broad to micro and niche topics based on science and technology. The symposiums feature lectures, discussions, and presentations to induce awareness and make some recommendations for a course of action regarding the topic at hand.

IAAM gives all its members an exclusive opportunity and invites them to submit symposium proposals for the upcoming assemblies of IAAM congresses. The members get the chance to pitch and suggest interdisciplinary thematic topics in line with the broad theme: “Advancement of Materials to Global Excellence.”

The IAAM symposiums serve as a platform for the scientific community to come together and have healthy discussions regarding pressing and major problems that can be solved by scientific solutions and interventions.

Not-for-profit publication of Journals and Proceedings | IAAM

Not-for-profit publication of Journals and Proceedings

In the quest to spread knowledge on advanced materials and give researchers a chance to showcase their findings, IAAM publishes two peer-reviewed not-for-profit international journals, known as Advanced Materials Letters (AML) and Advanced Materials Proceedings (AMP). IAAM members get the opportunity to avail of the online versions of these peer-reviewed open access journals at no cost. If the member requires a printed version of these journals, they can avail them with a yearly subscription fee or can opt for just one volume, depending on the member’s requirement.

Researchers looking to be part of the global advanced materials network and avail the various benefits need to register at IAAM with a few simple steps. Become a member to connect globally now!

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