World Congress Series


World Congress Series (WCS) is an international carnival for the promotion of science, engineering and technology. The WCS encompasses interdisciplinary subject areas of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Medical, and Engineering for academia and industries to present their research results, innovations, services, and products. In continuation of this great gathering, world congress series is now proud to announce the 3rd WCS on the field of Spectroscopy and Electrochemistry, which is to be held during 24 - 27 March 2019 in Stockholm (Sweden) and Helsinki (Finland) while cruising across the Baltic Sea.

The 3rd WCS explores the recent progress in the field of Spectroscopy and Electrochemistry research and innovations. The interactive discussions and technical sessions emphasis with the theme “Progress in spectroscopic/electrochemical research and innovations”. The events will encompass keynote, invited and oral presentation and foster everlasting nurture of subject knowledge for acceleration of science and technology.

Congress Series

Hosted delegates, speakers, young researchers and students from countries

1st Assembly

04 – 07 Nov, 2018

2nd Assembly

10 – 13 Dec, 2018

3rd Assembly

24 – 27 Mar, 2019